Looking for Some Water During Chiang Mai’s Dry Season

by Aug 4, 2019

Where’s this waterfall?

All the way at the bottom…

Mae Wang Waterfall tl;dr

  • 1 Hour Ride From Chiang Mai’s Old City
  • Multiple Pools at the Base of the Waterfall
  • Steep Footpath

With it being the dry season, the water levels are rather low. However we were rather keen to see waterfall which we found to be quite refreshing. Opting to take up the offer to see a waterfall, Nadia and I were driven up the road into the countryside till we came to Mae Wang Waterfall parking lot.

Chiang Mai Waterfall Nadia 02

Water Time

Unfortunately it wasn’t as simple as getting out of the car. We had walk down several flights of steep stairs down the hillside to get to the water’s edge. But once there, we were bathed in a cooling mist of the Mae Wang River splashing down into a lagoon that Nadia quickly dove into.

Having forgotten a change of clothes, I stayed by the rocks enjoying the ever so slight breeze.

Easy Come, Easy Go

After everything was said and done, we had to force ourselves back up the way we came. It took a touch longer to ascend than it did to come down those same steps.

Chiang Mai Waterfall Nadia and JM 03

What is It

A waterfall area where you can enjoy the cooling water.

Where is It

In the Chiang Mai countryside you’ll find a parking lot leading to a pathway down the side of the hill to the base of the waterfall.

Chiang Mai Waterfall Nadia and JM

What to Do There

After countless steps descending the hillside, you’ll reach the base of the waterfall where you can:

  • Grab a bite to eat
  • Take a dip into the water
  • Simply hang out and enjoy the scene

Chiang Mai Waterfall Nadia and JM Kiss

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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