Making a Supply Run to Costco Warehouse Iwilei

by May 8, 2020

Is that a Hawaiian Costco?

Hell Yeah it is!

Costco Warehouse Iwilei tl;dr

  • Yeah, there’s a Costco on the Island
  • They have so many local only items
  • First stop after landing for supplies

Costco is ubiquitously known the worldwide for member only bulk warehouse shopping. There was a time when they were in the shadow of Price Club, but I digress, I think that maybe I just dated myself.

Just After Landing

From the rental car park, I drove Nadia toward our hotel and spot a Costco. While she may have sighed in discreet resignation, we both knew that we BOTH wanted to go. 

We walked up and down aisles looking for supplies for our hotel room and road trips. And of course, going through shelves of items we remembered items that we forgot to bring like sun block. Considering we were in Hawaii, we gawked and purchased items that we had never seen before. 

costco Oahu (2)

There were a lot of things only available locally:

  • Freshly caught local seafood
  • Fresh sushi platters
  • Fresh poke bowls
  • And a lot of things were were familiar with but in different flavor varieties

Suffice to say, we left well stocked for our time on the island.

It was pretty funny when we pulled into the hotel lobby and rolled in, not only our luggage but a trolley filled with Costco purchases.

costco Oahu (1)

What is It

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the lifesaving and life giving retailer known as Costco, let me tell you they are my go to place for anything and everything. In particular I go there for household needs, housewares, cooked foods, a glimpse into local tastes, and whatever else they wished to surprise me with.

Costco Iwilei Warehouse does not disappoint my shopping expectations. Some of the items we found weren’t available at our local Costco’s back in Silicon Valley:

  • Certain flavors of Mauna Loa Macadamias
  • A variety of poke, sushi, and local seafood
  • Something amazing called Furikake Trail Mix
  • Beach focussed paraphernalia like boogie boards

What to Do There

While it can be argued that if “you have been to one Costco, you’ve been to them all” I will simply agree to disagree. As with my travel quirks, I don’t go to new locations to find the same things that I have back home. I go to find things that are different. 

Costco is no different!

In the hot food section, I’m always surprised to find new and different menu items that can be had other than pizza and hot dogs. Other that browsing their local inventory, both shopping and eating round out the short list of things to do at Costco. 

Costco Oahu

Where is It

Costco Iwilei Warehouse is about a 12 minute drive east of Oahu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. It is conveniently located on the driving route to Waikiki.

It’s almost as if you’re meant to be!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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