Malang’s Melati Restaurant Covering All Our Hunger Needs

by Apr 18, 2019

I think we’ll be missing breakfast because we’re going to Mount Bromo.

No worries! We can prepare you a breakfast to go with coffee?

Melati Restaurant tl;dr

  • Poolside Restaurant
  • Delicious Dishes
  • Great Prices

Nothing beats the level of convenience that Tugu Malang Hotel provides it’s guests. Typically I’ll all for exploring as much as possible, however sometimes due to time constraints it is best to not push yourself too hard that you’re burning the candle at both ends. What I’m trying to say, sometimes it’s best to just enjoy what is in front of you when you have so little time.

With Meltai Restaurant mere feet away from our doorstep, next to the pool, there was no reason not to sample their culinary expertise.

bromo breakfast 02

Breakfast Bromo Sunrise

Where Is It

Just pass the hotel lobby, you’ll see the pool on your right and then you’re there at Melati!

nadia and jm Melate Malang 03

What to Get

They had plenty of options. For our first breakfast, we took it to go to head up to Mount Bromo. The meal consisted of some fruit, water, coffee and their very own nasi goreng, Indonesian fried rice. It was delicious and well seasoned.

We came back for dinner later that night and ordered their roasted chicken and steamed leaf wrapped fish despite the wagyu promotion they were advertising. I didn’t exactly come to Malang for wagyu… Steak aside, both the chicken and fish were excellent choices that were cooked perfectly and were bursting with flavor.

Don’t forget to try their Javanese sambal, local version of Southeast Asian chili sauce!

For our last breakfast, we both chose to a different variety of dim sum dishes. Fortunately for me, the dim sum was served with more of their special fried rice. It was a very solid combination of dishes that went well with each other.

Judging from their menu selection they also had quite the international variety available. That particular morning, I was not in the mood for an American breakfast in Indonesia and felt that the local fare would have been too heavy for yet another long day.

Someday we’ll have to go back and try their lunch.

Fish Wrap Melate Malang

dinner Melate Malang 02

chicken Melate Malang

Menu Melate Malang 02

Nadia and JM Melate Malang

Menu Melate Malang 03

Menu Melate Malang 04

dim sum Melate Malang

dim sum Melate Malang 02

OH Yeah

Melati Restaurant is a great place, especially if you aren’t in a rush. The first 2 dining experiences were great. However, the last breakfast we had took a painfully long time to get through because of slow service.

With that being said, they aren’t fully to blame, rather most of the inopportune factors outside of anyone’s control that made up that morning greatly hindered our departure in a timely manner:

  • Super early in the morning before the sun came up
  • Multiple parties already there waiting on service
  • I can only imagine that the staff was unprepared

Overall I still greatly enjoyed their food and will come back to patronize them again.

Nasi Melate Malang

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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