Massage at Sang Spa and Yoga Centre

by Apr 13, 2015

Where is this place?

It’ll be worth it…

Sang Spa and Yoga Centre tl;dr

  • Affordable Spa Services
  • Closer to Ubud’s Downtown Area
  • Can Choose From 3 Locations

I’ve always been of the mind that if something is good, then more of the same thing should be better. And when there’s more places that offer the same services then maybe whatever it is you like can be done better by someone else.

In Bali, where the currency exchange is in our favor, it’s a lot easier to justify trying out different places for things you know is a lot more expensive back home. Who knows? Maybe we’ll stumble onto the next big thing?

I can’t say this enough though, you got to be willing to suffer a miss if you’re looking for a hit.

Sign Sang Spa Bali

Where Is It

Sang Spa is in Ubud, a short walk away from downtown off a quieter backstreet Jl. Jembawan No. 13B.

How Was It

This was nice. I particularly enjoyed the more nature theme throughout the establishment. It simply made me feel like I was in some nature retreat versus being anywhere else. Again, I think I’m not that well versed in massages because it seemed rather nice as nearly any other that I’ve been to. Sure there were some minor differences but nothing that comes to mind.

art Sang Spa Bali

Tub Sang Spa Bali

I Snored

Long story short:

  1. I went in
  2. I got undressed
  3. I got on the table
  4. I did snored
  5. I woke up
  6. And then I left
  7. And then I wanted to do it again

Art Sang Spa Bali 02

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