Massage Away the Javanese Day at Apsara Spa

by Apr 19, 2019

Would you be interested in some spa time?

Wouldn’t I?

Apsara Spa tl;dr

  • Massage Services
  • Great Prices
  • Rose Petal Tub

Life is journey. And on this journey you’ll come across many paths and directions. Some lead you the wrong way and some will lead you to places you didn’t imagine existed. Within the Tugu Malang Hotel there is a hidden path that will erase the rigors of the day.

Nadia Apsara Spa Malang 04

Where Is It

On the 2nd floor, if you look carefully, you’ll find a long orange hallway. In the distance, at the end of the hallway, you may see something looking back. As you get closer you’ll find a statue bust calmly inviting you to enter Apsara Spa. 

Nadia and JM Apsara Spa Malang 02

What to Get

Having hiked all morning, Nadia decided to spoil ourselves with a 3 hour massage regimen:

  1. Washing of feet and hands
  2. Gentle full body massage with traditional Javanese herbs
  3. Full body scrub to rejuvenate the skin
  4. Javanese massage with local spices dipped in oil
  5. Followed with a rose petal bath

While I’m a fan of the more aggressive, bone popping, body twisting Thai massage, I can still appreciate any other massage. You can tell I’m appreciating with the less than rhythmic nasal music that naturally emanates from me. That’s when you know it’s good!

Minutes into the service, they had me snoring the hours away.

And it gets even better when you realize you get all that for less than $50 USD per person! 

Menu Apsara Spa Malang

Menu Apsara Spa Malang 02

Nadia Apsara Spa Malang

Nadia Rose Water Apsara Spa Malang 023

Nadia Rose Water Apsara Spa Malang 03


Nadia Apsara Spa Malang 02

Apsara Spa Malang 03

Nadia Rose Water Apsara Spa Malang

Nadia Rose Water Apsara Spa Malang

Jm Apsara Spa Malang

Massages Everyday!

At these prices, you could make everyday a spa day. The sound of that sounds amazing, and I can only imagine what that would be like. Perhaps the next time we’ll spend more time in town to live the spa dream.

Nadia and JM Apsara Spa Malang 02

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