Mysterious Kauai McDonalds Fried Haupia Pie Flavor?

by Dec 1, 2017

“What flavor is McDonalds fried Haupia pie?”
“I don’t know what haupia means here, but hopia in the Philippines is a moon cake.”
“Let’s find out!”

McDonalds Fried Haupia Pie tl;dr

  • Haupia, in Hawaii, is Cconut
  • There Are Many Different Kinds of McDonalds Fried Pie Flavors

Who doesn’t like McDonald’s? I know I Love McDonald’s Fried Pies! And McDonalds Fried Haupia Pie is no different. I don’t know what it is, but something about it reminds me of my childhood, which is ever more tragic since most US branches no longer sell the fried version, opting for the healthier baked version. If I wanted healthier food, I wouldn’t be eating at McDonald’s in the first place. With that being said, because of this, I don’t go to American McDonald’s as often anymore. You can still find fried apple pies in other parts of the world.

mcdonalds haupia pie Kauai HI (3)

Meanwhile in Hawaii…

There are exceptions to my previous statement, and finding a new flavor that I’ve never seen before is one of those exceptions. I’m sure the locals are all too familiar with McDonald’s Haupia Fried Pie, but since I’m a tourist, I felt like I discovered the cure for hunger; my hunger! Typically I eat local food when I travel, however these regional variations on these McDonalds favorites are deal breakers.

My thought process is this:

  1. Am I Somewhere New?
    1. Yes, Kauai
  2. Is This Flavor New to me?
    1. Yes, Never Heard of Haupia Before
  3. How many can I eat?
    1. Yes! (This Question is as Old as Time and Maybe, Just Maybe, the Most Important One…)

If it’s a “Yes” to all of them, then you know I’m about to dive face first into a world of foreign McDonald’s flavor.

mcdonalds haupia pie Kauai HI (1)


Hawaii McDonalds fried haupia pie actually pretty tasty  (could it ever taste bad?). Imagine the apple sauce from the fried apple pie but creamy and coconut tasting. Yeah, that’s the best I can describe it. Actually, I think it could use some chunks of coconut or something to give it some more texture. All in all, this flavor is still amazingly delicious and I definitely put it in my top 2 flavors out of the 2 flavors that I’ve tasted:

  1. Fried Apple Pie
  2. Fried Haupia Pie

The Search Continues

I’m still on the search for more flavors! They are somewhere out there…

McDonalds Waipouli Town Center


What’s your favorite McDonalds menu item!?!?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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