Enter Nabezo All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu in Shinjuku

by Jan 11, 2015

What to do when you are traveling and are HANGRY?!?! We figured, we had little time to explore on hit or miss places to eat so we looked up Japanese dishes we liked and looked for something close to where we were in Shinjuku.

It was a cold winter day so we opted for something both warm and filling. We came across this all you can eat shabu shabu and fell in love. We headed on over to one of their local branches and went up the elevator to find a steaming heaven of veggies, meat, and pork.

What is Shabu Shabu?

Nabezo Shibuya Broth Menu Sukiyaki Shabu shabu Kimchi Shio Collagen

Soup Menu, pick wisely because it will be yours for 100 minutes. You can also get as much as you want. You can pay more to have a pot for 2 broths.

Shabu shabu is essentially when you cook your own food in a pot of flavored water. Here are some instructions provided by Nabezo. I also like to crack an egg in a bowl and dip my meat in that before eating it, giving a sweet rich taste that is hard to describe.

Nabezo Shinjuku Sukiyaki Cooking Instructions

Directions on how to traditionally cook and eat shabu shabu.

Enter Nabezo Shabu Shabu

As we exited the elevator, we entered a world of steams pots, moving bodies, and good times. Though we didn’t have any reservations the staff told us the wait was only 30 minutes so we decided to stay. I’m glad that we did, otherwise we would have missed out on a great dinner. The staff were nice to offer to hold our day packs behind the counter while we ate. They explained to use that we were to choose up to 2 broths:

  • shabu
  • sukiyaki
  • kimchi
  • collagen
  • shio

Which 100 minutes of eating offerings that we wanted:

  • Nabezo Course – Standard Pork, Meat and Vegetables
  • Beef Tongue Course – Nabezo course plus beef tongue
  • Japanese Beef and Pork Course – Nabezo course plus higher quality beef and pork

There was a vegetable bar area, the make your own dipping sauce area, the all you can drink tea and refreshment area, as well, and I would argue the 2nd most important area, the ice cream area.

Nabezo Shibuya Unlimited Vegetable Plate

Here’s the plate of Self Serve from the Vegetable Bar.

They had tons of different items all over the place:

  • Sauces
    • Soy
    • Chilis
    • Scallions
    • Garlic
    • etc
  • Vegetables
    • cabbage
    • mushrooms
    • corn
    • tons of other green things
  • Extra Things
    • noodles
    • chicken balls
    • raw eggs
  • Teas
    • regular tea
    • herbal teas
  • Ice Creams
    • 4 assorted flavors


We must have kept the staff busy, though to be fair, it didn’t look like we were the only ones. Nearly every time the staff walked by, we would ask for 2 orders of both the pork and meat. It was so tasty! We weren’t the only ones getting their food on. It was literally an ocean of moving bodies, going back and forth providing tables with trays of meat and pork, guests coming back from the vegetable bar with plates of greenery, and of course me, coming back with bowls of sweet sweet ice cream.

Nabezo Shibuya Nadia Posing with Meat Pork and Shabu Shabu

Nadia posing with our meaty treasures.

Would We Come Here Again

One could argue back and forth whether they prefer quantity vs quality and vice versa. One could say that the ambiance didn’t match the clientele. Or I would argue that the wait isn’t worth it… Typically, I find that nothing is worth an 1 hour wait.

But this place, I dare say, had it all. It was clean, it was tasty, we could eat more than our fill, great staff! Nothing to complain about other than I wish I could have eaten more.

We’ll see you again Nabezo!

Nabezo Shibuya Unlimited Ice Cream

I LOVE ICE CREAM! They had 4 options which were pretty awesome.



Where’s your favorite All-You-Can-Eat?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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