Nepal: Mr Lee at the Other Side of the Roof of the World

by Jan 24, 2016

It has been an exhausting hike and journey through the snow pass to the other side of the Roof of the World but it has been worth it. The team members that were brought together in Kathmandu and the friends forged in the mountains of Nepal will last a lifetime. With all good things, this too has come to an end. Now the real work begins…

End of the Trail at Tatopani

Hikers Near a White SUV in Poon Hill Nepal

The hike is over. This is our transport into the next town of Tatopani.

View of Roughly Paved Roads in Tatopani Nepal

I’m happy we have the 4×4 to negotiate these “roads”!

Motorcycle, Cars and a Tractor Contributing to Heavy Traffic in the Mountains of Nepal

Mountain Pass Traffic Jam

Spa Time?

Hot springs of Tatopani, a hot springs resort, was where we spent a night in a local hotel. The place is a crossroads of international travel as I met a fellow Malaysian there.

Hot Springs of Tatopani Nepal

Hot Springs of Tatopani

Hikers Going Up a Long Flight of Stairs to the Hotel in Nepal

One last hike up the stairs to reach our Tatopani hotel.

Getting in From the Cold

Every traveler through these parts, spend at least a moment in these hot waters when passing through. The hotel was on the other side of the area at the top of steep steps. The very first thing I did was to take a shower… rather, pour buckets of water over me, and as luck would have it, very cold water since the water heater didn’t work.

Let me tell you, after a few days of not having a shower, freezing water or not, it was so refreshing to wash away the accumulated grime from the past few days.

Cloudy Day with Tatopani Mountain Peak at Sunrise in Nepal

Sunrise in Tatopani

Cloudy Day with Tatopani Mountain Peak at Midday in Nepal

Mountain of Tatopani

Close Up of Tatopani Mountain Peak at Sunrise in Nepal

Sunrise in Tatopani

Close Up of Snowy Tatopani Mountain Peak in Nepal

View from Tatopani

Band Performing in Tatopani Nepal

Both talented musicians and great hiking companions.

What We Came to Do

We spent 3 nights in Beni with a Youth Camp made up of over 150 people. Amazingly, some of them took as much as a day to travel to the camp taking buses and their own two feet. They were happy people who enjoyed the event.

While most of the musicians joined us on our hike over the mountain, some of their band had traveled with the equipment in the SUV. While the Youth Camp event was different from adventuring through the mountain trails of Nepal, was still a spiritual experience.

After the camp ended, it was back to Pokhara by SUV, then another twin-engine prop airplane to Kathmandu before heading back to Malaysia. Looking back, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Something I will never forget for as long as I live. I would recommend Nepal to anyone and everyone who loves being in the outdoors.

The 2015 earthquake that ravaged Nepal has destroyed a lot of the burgeoning infrastructure there. I hope that while the reconstruction is speedily underway, but more importantly that the people who have touched my life are safe.



Where was the last place you went that touched your life?

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