You Never Have to Leave the Intercontinental Da Nang

by Nov 9, 2017

“What are we doing today?”
“A whole lot of nothing…”

InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort tl;dr

  • Nothing Else Out That Way
  • Great WiFi, Amenities, and Staff Everywhere
  • Amazing Status Privileges

Ocean View at the Intercontinental Da Nang Beach

It’s that time of the year again where we fulfill one of Nadia’s many life goals and celebrate her birthday! Yay! Just as important, there was a great deal on a flight to Da Nang which prompted this destination choice. And this time we went to a little out of the way spot called InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort.

As apart of our exploration of South East Asia, similar to the Maldives and Bali, we found that the flight was a great build up to the easy customs process with new Vietnamese E-Visa. If you ever travel out to Vietnam, the E-Visa is the most painless and seamless process of entering the country. A car drive short of an hour brings us to the out of the way beachside resort.

Pond View at the Intercontinental Da Nang

JM at the Intercontinental Da Nang Restricted Area

First Impressions of the Intercontinental Da Nang

Pulling up to the Intercontinental Da Nang lobby is like pulling up to the top of an pyramid…. a fancy colonial feeling pyramid with a never ending ocean view; it’s only the tip of the iceberg here. They lead us to a pillow lined pagoda like lounge overlooking the entire resort. There, we waiting in the flowing ocean breeze to the sounds of the breaking surf while sipping on chilled juices. I almost never wanted to leave the waiting room. I could only imagine what the rest of the place looked like.

Monkey at the Intercontinental Da Nang

And there’s monkeys…
Plenty of monkeys on the road side, in the trees, on the balconies, and even hanging outside the Club Lounge.

Sky Level Accommodations

After sorting out all our paperwork they led us to their tramway to bring us to the Sky Level (there’s also a stairway and golf carts to take you everywhere else you need to go). When I said pyramid, you’ll realize that this level is the very top of everything because there’s 4 levels to this place:

  1.  Heaven | Lobby, Restaurants, Club Lounge, and Yoga Platform
  2.  Sky | Suites, Restaurants, and Shops
  3.  Earth | Villas, Suites, Pool, Gym, Restaurant, and Bar
  4.  Sea | Restaurants, Beach, Loungers, and More

From there we took a golf cart to the end of the road to the section of suites reserved for Club Level guests.

Club Status Privileges

Club level you may wonder? I know I did. It’s one of the many perks of accumulating points by repeatedly patronizing a certain vendor or group of vendors. And here, at the InterContinental Da Nang, they shine brightly as one of the best at rewarding their repeat clientele:

  • Airport InterContinental Lounge Access
  • Butler Service
  • Private Beach Club Access
  • Included Breakfasts at 1 of 2 Places
  • Resort Wide Free WiFi
  • 24 Hour Club Lounge
    • Snacks
    • Drinks
  • Complimentary Mini Bar Allowances
    • Free Beer

Nadia at the Intercontinental Da Nang Happy Hour

JM at the Intercontinental Da Nang Happy Hour

The Intercontinental Da Nang Club Lounge is amazing. I’m not sure if they intended for it to be so inviting but we took full advantage of everything it had to offer. Nearly everyday we were on a schedule to go to the Club Lounge for High Tea Time which essentially became a meal. The chef would bring out a personal sized plate of fresh of the stove snacks which went amazingly well with the drinks the bartender plied us with. They are known to make some spicy cocktails which I had the pleasure of testing their strength. If that wasn’t enough, there were tables of other small dishes and desserts and fruits available, in other words it was essentially ALL YOU COULD EAT!

Nadia Sitting on the Edge at the Intercontinental Da Nang

King Son Tra Terrace Ocean View Suite

Stepping into the room was like traveling back into time. The heavy colonial style decor along with the simple minimalist black and white color scheme went hand in hand in bringing my mind to ease. Despite appearances, the room was beyond expectations and you could tell there was a lot of thought put into every small detail.

Bedroom at the Intercontinental Da Nang Beach

Simple Bedroom

  • Spacious 230 Sq Feet | 70 Sq Meters
  • Heavenly King Sized Bed
  • Large Ceiling Mounter Flat Screen
  • Mini Bar with Selected Free Items
  • Chilled Wine Bar with Not So Free Bottles

Suite Bathroom at the Intercontinental Da Nang

Luxurious Bathroom

  • Multi Person Marble Tub
  • His and Her Toiletries
  • Rain Forest Shower
    • The rain goes directly onto the floor

Suite Terrace at the Intercontinental Da Nang

Private Terrace

  • Arm Chairs
  • Marble Surfboard Like Dining Table
    • Counter Height Chairs
  • Amazing Ocean Views

Nadia at the Intercontinental Da Nang Restaurant

Nadia Looking at the Ocean at the Intercontinental Da Nang

The room screams to invite people over. So that’s what we did…

Surprise Guest Appearance

It just so happened that one of Nadia’s coworkers happened to be staying here, at the InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort, of all places at this point in time. Go figure. They came over and we shared on the hotel gifts they left for us; a little birthday cake and a bottle of champagne!

Nadia and Birthday Cake at the Intercontinental Da Nang Beach

Nadia at the Intercontinental Da Nang Morning Yoga

What Else is There to Do!?

Other than eating, drinking and entertaining there’s quite a bit of other things to do. There’s morning ocean view yoga if you’re feeling up for it. If that’s not your speed, there’s always the gym for some air conditioned weight lifting. In the back of the bar, I think I spotted some table tennis and possibly a pool table.

If all else fails, there’s always the water. We headed out to the pool area to find not just 1, but 2 pools!

  • 1st one was on the floor level
    • Next to the bar and gym
    • There was a literal stand alone jacuzzi
  • 2nd was on top of the bar
    • Covered poolside loungers
    • Jets on one side of the pool
    • Amazing views of both the resort, the ocean and the mountains.

The staff were so nice. They constantly walked around offering towels, bottles of water, sun screen and snacks. Given that we had guest status, we couldn’t pass up on the free whole coconuts! This was without a doubt one stop we made every single day of our stay, other than the Club Lounge.

Nadia at the Intercontinental Da Nang Pool

Lounge Ceiling at the Intercontinental Da Nang

Beach Time!

A short walk away from the pools is a path that led to the beach. Along the water were plenty of umbrella covered beach loungers. And similar to the pool area, the staff constantly tended to us offering towels, snacks, and drinks. Once the sun took it’s toll on us, we lazed away the day in the ocean breeze on the nearby palm tree hammocks. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re enjoying the water and sun.

Nadia at the Intercontinental Da Nang Beach

Nadia and JM at the Intercontinental Da Nang Beach

Need to Go Back

I do love the Maldives with a passion. But with the Intercontinental Da Nang being so much closer, has great WiFi everywhere and so many wonderful amenities provided by an amazing staff; this is definitely a place we are going back to in the near future!

Nadia on the Hammock at the Intercontinental Da Nang

Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort


Which resort did you fall in love with?

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