New Burger in the South Bay

by Oct 8, 2014

Another burger place?

I hear it’s good.

The Habit tl;dr

Ever since The Habit opened up in Sunnyvale my other half has been talking non-stop about how I need to try the burger rated “America’s Best Burger” and see what I think and how it stacks up against my ultimate favorite, In-N-Out. One of the reasons that I love In-N-Out is because of the freshness of the burger.

Just Maybe The Best Burger in America

Plus it’s packed with lots of lettuce and tomato which makes it seem more healthy than most. That added with their signature sauce which resembles my favorite salad dressing, thousand island, and you have an amazing burger.

Rewind to last Friday and after a couple’s workout we decided to check out the newest Habit location in Santa Clara right off El Camino in an old plaza which was recently renovated to hold a Target and much more. Walking into The Habit, you can tell it was brand new with beautiful decor and a long line to boot (people in the South Bay always love to check out new places).

Close Up of Habit Burger, Drink and Onion Rings

One of the things I appreciated about the staff immediately after getting into line was that they were efficient. Since the line pretty much went around this circular table, you can tell the line was moving pretty quickly and the staff was not only friendly but efficiently serving customers as well. We would definitely experience that first hand as well when we finally got to the front of the counter.

What to Get

For our dinner we ordered a mushroom Swiss Charburger and a BBQ Bacon Charburger. After we ordered we were able to indulge and select the peppers of our choice to top our burgers from the hot pepper bar while we waited for our beeper to ring. Can you believe that!?

A hot pepper bar! A spice lover’s dream!

In less than 10 minutes, the moment of truth came, we were beeped which meant our burgers were ready! Since I was the one that picked the mushroom charburger I tried that one first. I enjoyed how the mushrooms complimented the nice char of the burger.

Extras Are Always Good

In a sense it reminded us of the char of a Burger King but significantly better. Served with melted Swiss, mayo, pickle, tomato and lettuce on a toasted bun, it was a solid burger.  The BBQ bacon charburger on the hand was really really good, my favorite out of the two by far. The tang of the BBQ sauce combined with the bacon and the caramelized onions on top of the nicely charred and perfectly cooked burger with its toasted bun went perfectly together. A must have if you’re heading to try The Habit for the first time.

Along with our burgers we also got an order of the onion rings and a strawberry milkshake. The onion rings were beautifully fried and nicely crispy. The strawberry milkshake was also delicious. It tasted like fresh strawberries were used and if I had to pick either the In-N-Out milkshake or this one, I’d say this one by far.

F8T Tip Unless you’re lactose intolerant, get your charburger with cheese. It tastes so much better! And don’t forget the milkshake.

Overall I’d say this was a great burger. Was it the best burger, IMHO I actually personally still prefer In n Out. But for the shakes, this one takes the cake.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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