Nishiki Market’s Karikari Hakase Creamy Salty Takoyaki

by Jun 13, 2020

Let’s go look for those octopus balls!

You mean takoyaki?

Karikari Hakase カリカリ博士 京都錦店 tl;dr

  • Takoyaki, Need I Say More
  • Snack On All the Different Flavors
  • Crispy, Chewy, Sweet and Savory Octopus Balls

There’s just something about street food that just screams “EAT ME!” On the long list of things to eat when in Japan, takoyaki, otherwise known as octopus filled pan fried dough balls makes the cut among other Japanese dishes.


Nadia and I were walking through Kyoto’s famed Nishiki Market, sampling, eating, buying anything and everything that tickled our fancy. There were so many stores, so many snacks, and so many restaurants to checkout. I was walking by one shop and the ever familiar smell of cooking dough on a fire hot pan caught my attention.

kyoto nishiki tako 02

Eat Those Balls

Karikari Hakase is the only store selling takoyaki within in view. Tempted by its tagline of “crispy on the outside while remains pulp on the inside.” We thought no harm giving their Jumbo Takoyaki a try.

Plus, we get to buy meal ticket from a vending machine. And if you’ve ever been to Japan, you know they love their ticket machines! It’s almost like a video game where I get food! Who doesn’t love getting food?

kyoto nishiki tako chef

It would probably be my cheapest takoyaki order (in Japan) so far with its pricing of 300 yen for 6 pieces. If you are a member, you have the privilege of buying them at an even cheaper price.

What is It

Karikari Hakase is that one shop that focuses on nothing more than making takoyaki! Watching the counter chef make countless balls is mesmerizing. She’s so fast, so accurate and methodical.

  • Pours batter in each pan cup
  • Fill with diced octopus
  • Flips each one with a stick
  • Brushes on sweetish savory sauce
  • Squeezes strings of mayonnaise over them
  • Put plenty of green onions we ordered (could have been cheese or with cheese or nothing at all)

I know if tried to do it, there would be octopus everywhere.

kyoto nishiki tako 06

Speaking of which, at the time there were these choices:

  1. Plain
  2. Green Onion
  3. Cheese
  4. Green Onion AND Cheese

What to Do There

Karikari Hakase, as with most shops found in Tokyo, there’s a method of trading your yen and for delicious nomnomnoms!

  1. Tell the staff if you are ordering to go or dine in
  2. Put a coin or bill into the slot provided by the machine
  3. Push the corresponding amount of your order
  4. If you have change, push the change button
  5. Take the ticket to the staff
  6. Get your balls
  7. Eat them while they’re hot!

kyoto nishiki tako sign

Where is It

Karikari Hakase near the center of Nishiki Market with a large orange shop sign that I can’t read. You’ll probably smell them before you see them. Click on the address link below or right here!

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