Nordstroms Cafe Bistro

by | Nov 28, 2014

Bazille tl;dr

I love Nordstroms. Not that I really ever shop there but they have lovely facilities whenever nature calls. And it’s always nice to know that if I were to ever buy anything that I could more than likely return it for whatever reason. I’m sure you’ll all heard that story about Nordstrom’s legendary return policy; about that woman returning car tires (no, they don’t sell car tires). However have you ever heard of them serving food?

Nordstrom Cafe's Pizza

Bisque at Nordstroms? Who Knew?

I once heard that an acquaintance of mine worked at one of the branches slinging food but I never quite took him seriously. I owe that man an apology! If you think that’s crazy, you’ll think I’m certifiable when I tell you that they DO indeed sell food, and pretty good food at that. Yeah… that’s right… FOOD!

Nordstrom Cafe's Fried Calamari

Different locations have certain options. In SF they have a bistro serving up both cocktails and savory dishes. In Cupertino they have a ramen bar among other things. That aside, back in the SF branch we ordered a pint of the local stuff and some other local seafood fare.

Turns out they serve a killer crab bisque. It’s just right with the level of creaminess and sweetness from the crab. It was soul warming on that chilly SF day. The fried calamari was a typical affair with wonderful tartar sauce.

Whatever else we had was good yet still not memorable. At least not as memorable as the crab bisque or the reason for our SF excursion. We were in search of a pair of red soled shoes.

F8T Tip Do this at least once and after you’ve done all the shopping.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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