Our Room at Chai Lai Orchid Elephant Sacntuary

by Aug 15, 2019

Where’s our room at?

Erm, it’s at the top of the hill…

Room at the Chai Lai Orchid tl;dr

  • Spacious Room
  • It’s a Workout Getting There
  • You’re Nearly One with Nature

Chai Lai being an AirBnB, there are rooms to stay at. Trust me when I say that you don’t want to trek all the way back to Chiang Mai after a long sweaty day of elephant time. Spend the night in one of the rooms on the hill.

With that being said, I can’t attest to the veracity of the the descriptions of the other choices of accommodations but it sounds like anyone not wanting a non air conditioned experience should stay on this main hill.

Chiang Mai Chai Lai Bed

One stormy night, the metal roof and glass windows let a lot of the natural element reverberate through to you. It literally felt like we were in the middle of the storm minus any wet characteristics.

To be honest, given the heat, I didn’t spend a lot of time on the outdoor deck…

What is It

Our room was a simple standalone affair up the somewhat steep-ish incline of the hill from the lobby; reminds me of a cottage.

Bring carry on! You don’t want to be dragging your check in luggage up a hill…

Making it to our door, we found a decent bed with a mini fridge and a rather spacious bathroom. There are glass doors in the main living area leading to the deck that runs half the perimeter of the room.

Where is It

Did I mention that there’s a hill? For perspective, the river is at the base of the hill. Half way up is the lobby and dining area. Everything after that are rooms. A good 5 minute slow walk up the hill is where you’ll find our room and others like it.

From what I’ve heard from other guests and our friends, there are indeed simpler accommodations a little further away on another remote hill.

Chiang Mai Chai Lai Balcony

What to Do There

There’s not much to do in that room. The room covers the basics of no frills accommodations for your time at Chai Lai. It doesn’t take away from the experience of spending as much time with the elephants as you can by distracting you with over the top amenities.

It does of course have air conditioning and that alone is worth its weight in gold after a hot day playing with pachyderms.

What Does It Cost

For 2 nights at Chai Lai came to a total amount of $109.34 USD. While this stay was on the lowside of most travel bills, it was one of our most memorable experiences.

And it can be one of yours too!

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