Pastry Binging at Tokyo’s Pompadour Bakery

by May 14, 2020

I’m gonna eat it all!

Pompadour Bakery tl;dr

  • Japanese Based European Bakery Since 1969
  • Authentic Fresh Baked French and Danish Goods
  • Over 100 Handmade Sweet and Savory Options Available Daily

Much like restaurants, fast food, and bars, bakeries have made their way to foreign shores, combining local flavors with exotic techniques providing an experience not previously available. That can be said for most nearly anything that is subjective, especially something as particular as taste.

pompadour Tokyo Jpn (3)

While some may call this fusion and frown on it, I look upon it more as a natural progression of cuisine. One could argue that it is the natural evolution of a global community where the best things are highlighted and shared in the most universal of past times.

In Tokyo

Long story short, I was in Tokyo and had an open day to myself. I wandered around not knowing quite what to do. Having been to Tokyo before and wanting to visit new attractions with Nadia, I decided to spend more time exploring the neighborhood.

And wouldn’t you know it, there was a bakery looking me in the eye enticing me with all their food on display and the wafting smell of something amazing baking finding their way out the front door. How could I help myself overwhelmed with all this sensory overload? Not to mention I was very hungry too.

pompadour Tokyo Jpn (18)

Walking in, I my senses were even more blown out with such a potent baking smell, I could literally taste everything. I made my way around the store front with tray and tong selecting an assorted variety of browned deliciousness. I took so many eye catching, mouth watering oven delicacies… Maybe too much:

  • Curry Breads
  • Almond Croissants
  • Cream Buns
  • Corny (?) Biscuits
  • Seaweed (?) Bread

I won’t lie, I don’t know half of the things that I got. I just let me eyes do the picking and my hands only facilitated the transaction while my stomach hoped it would appreciate all the concerted effort put into this exploratory endeavor.

pompadour Tokyo Jpn (11)

Walking out of Pompadour with my bag in hand, I traversed the streets of Roppongi stopping from time to time to snack on my flaky purchases to satiate my ever developing hunger. By the end of the day, there weren’t enough hours or miles for me to finish everything and I ended up bringing a number of half eaten pastries back to the hotel.

Some of the items were exactly what I thought they were; like the croissants and curry bun. While others were a little less familiar, bordering on alien but still unexpectedly enjoyable. That’s the risk of trying new things, sometimes you’ll find things you wanted, something you may have not wanted and things you’ll want again.

pompadour Tokyo Jpn (13)

What is It

Pompadour Bakery is a Japanese bakery extolling French and Danish techniques to provide the masses with the baked fruits of their daily labors. Everyday, the bakers

pompadour Tokyo Jpn (16)

What to Do There

Enter Pompadour Bakery and purchase whatever screams out to your hunger and to your taste buds. Who knows what you’ll walk out of their with?

pompadour Tokyo Jpn (5)

Next Time

Next time, I’m going to try even more of everything. I may even try one of their sandwiches and more savory options.

pompadour Tokyo Jpn (7)

Where is It

Located in Central Roppongi Hills, Not even a 5 minute walk west of Roppongi Train Station, you’ll find Pompadour Bakery on the side of the main road. But be on the lookout where ever you find yourself in Japan. They are a chain with branches everywhere

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You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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