Playing in the Sand Dunes of Bromo

by Apr 22, 2019

Well the sunrise was a bust…

There’s more to see and do, we’re not done yet!

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour | Part 2 tl;dr

  • Check Mount Bromo’s Recent Activity
  • Sand Dunes
  • Dirt Bikes?

A lot of the time people get so caught up in the destination that they forget to enjoy the journey. Don’t get me wrong, the destination is usually the starting point for many great trips. But there’s so much more to an adventure than simply the goal. 

“Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses…”

After coming down from the viewpoint of Mount Bromo, we stopped in the Sand Dune area prior to reaching Mount Bromo caldera. There was so much dark sand, it seemed like we were on an alien planet.

Nadia and JM Mount Bromo Sand Dunes 07

Where Is It

The Sand Dunes is just about 1.25 miles away from Mount Bromo. From the looks of it, the 1st stop for many tour operators after descending from the summit view. 

Nadia and JM Mount Bromo Sand Dunes 03

What to Do

The sandy area provided a nice reprieve from the claustrophobic summit, with so much room for you to breathe and more:

  • Hike around
  • Drive through sandy terrain
  • Ride dirt bikes every which way
  • Drone flying
  • Kite flying
  • Taking pictures

There was a certain mysteriously eerie feeling with all the fog masking the surrounding environment. As the winds shifted and the sun climbed higher in the sky burning off the looming precipitation the area began to clear exposing a lot of the contrasting features.

The revealing churning pillar of volcanic smoke in the distance exuded a combination of enchanting awe and fearsome potential. We were assured that the volcano was safe to approach, but not too close. Turns out that the area was closely monitored for all who would try the enter the 1 mile perimeter at the base of Mount Bromo. 

Nadia and JM Mount Bromo Sand Dunes 02

JM Mount Bromo Sand Dunes 02

Jeep Mount Bromo Sand Dunes

Sand But No Beach

In the back of my mind, I kept searching for water. That’s one would expect with so much sand in a less than dry deserted climate such as the green mountains that I was surrounded by. It’s nice to see everyone enjoying the sand.

I was admit I was less than thrilled when the peaceful silence was interrupted by the whine of high revving dirt bike engines zipping this way and that way. On the other hand, perhaps I was just a bit jelly and wanted to ride a dirt bike myself; maybe next time.

Nadia and JM Mount Bromo Sand Dunes 08

Mount Bromo

Gunung Batok


When was the last time you played in the sand that wasn’t at the beach?

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