Portlands Food Truck El Masry

by Apr 25, 2014

What’s Egyptian food?

The description sounds like a gyro, and I know you love gyros.

El Masry Egyptian Cuisine tl;dr

Our first night in Portland and after checking into our hotel, it was close to 10 pm and we were starving! With most of the major restaurants being close to closed or actually closed, we were excited to start our trip to Portland by visiting one of the many famous food trucks, Elmasry being one of them.

Searching Portland Food Carts at Night

Surprisingly there were quite a few Egyptian and Middle Eastern options in the food cart court areas but since Portland’s food truck Elmasry got a number of great reviews on Yelp we decided to give it a shot. Walking up to the truck, its a cute place that reminded me of a RV trailer. There were 2 tables and lucky for us it wasn’t very busy.

Since the chicken shawarma was the most popular thing on Yelp and I’m a fan of grilled chicken in general, I decided to get that. My other half got a gyro, one of his favorites. After ordering, we sat at one of the two tables and waited for about 10 minutes (not too bad for fresh cooked food) for our food.

Side View of El Masry's Shwarma in Portland

Get That Spicy Sauce

Something to keep in mind is that if you like spicy food like me, you should ask for their squeeze bottles of both the hot sauce and the house made tzaziki sauce. Both added another dimension of deliciousness to the meats. If you can tell by the photo, the chicken shawarma was huge! The chicken itself was moist and you could taste the nicely grilled flavor.

I personally could have shared the chicken shawarma with someone, eaten half and still been full! Friendly service, great food, inexpensive and fast!

JM Ordering From Elmasry at Night in Portland.

F8T Tip

  • Come hungry!
You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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