Puspa and Wayan of Paon Bali Cooking Class

by Mar 17, 2015

Who are they?

They are going to teach us!

Paon Bali tl;dr

  • Husband and Wife Team
  • Very Down to Earth Couple
  • #couplegoals

Entering Paon Bali Cooking is entering a home of husband and wife team, Puspa and Wayan. These 2 delightfully colorful personalities bring into their lives, teaching you about local culture, history and cooking.

Nadia and JM Paon Cooking Bali

When we first met them, they brought us out to the countryside, teaching us about the land and their place in it. The most fascinating thing happened while we were standing there on the roadside, Wayan proceeded to walk around the group and told us things about ourselves that he had no way of knowing. From congratulating a couple on their recent conception to our future return; it was a fascinating spiritual experience that I’ll never forget.

Husband and Wife Paon Cooking Bali

Where Is It

Not that far from downtown Ubud, is a sprawling house complex where Puspa and Wayan both live and teach.

House Temple Paon Cooking Bali

House Temple Paon Cooking Bali 02

Rice Field Paon Cooking Bali

Statue Paon Cooking Bali

Slice of Life

I’ll forever be grateful to them for the knowledge and wisdom they shared with us. It’s something that I may forget… But fortunately I have their cookbook with everything they taught us that day.

Ducks Paon Cooking Bali

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