Putting the Indo in Indonesian

by Sep 15, 2014

What’s even around here?

That could be good.

Indo tl;dr

I am always on the lookout for a good happy hour and recently when we wanted to take my other half’s parent’s to a dessert place we knew that they’d love. We decided to try out a place nearby which we heard about earlier that week. That place located in Palo Alto, is Indo.

Indo's Murtabak

Indo is based in what used to be the old Straits and from what we heard from the waiter it has been around for 8 months. If you look at it just from the street, you may wonder where the heck should I park? However, if you just drive around, you’ll actually see that there is a small parking lot in the back where you can easily park and then head inside for some great food and drinks.

Indo's Kuay Teow Noodles

Walking into the restaurant, you’re greeted by a hostess will show you to your seats. Happy Hour, like most places, only happens in the bar area so you have a choice between actual bar seating or a more communal type table in the middle. We opted for the communal tables so we could conversate; more importantly because it was big enough for all the food we were going to order.

Indo's Rot

The HH menu is actually pretty varied with a variety of cocktails to choose from, blue moon on draft (my fave!) and quite a few appetizers. Since this was not just happy hour but also dinner for us, we ordered a nice combination of HH goodies and dinner entrees; plenty for everyone to be full.

Indo's Fried Calamari

From the HH Menu

  • 2 Murtabak: Reminded me of samosas but with some beef stuff inside and comes with a curry dipping sauce (one of my favorites!)
  • 2 Chicken Satay: the peanut sauce was amazingly tasty and I loved the grilled flavor
  • Tuna Tartare: served on cucumber, this was probably my least favorite dish, passable
  • 2 Orders of Roti: roti with tasy curry sauce- must order, can’t go wrong
  • Fried Calamari: Good, nicely fried, nothing out of the ordinary but solid dish

Indo's Tuna Tartare

From the Dinner Menu

  • Salmon Curry: A dinner entree served with mango salsa, light and tasty
  • Kuay Teow: Noodles should be separated more and I personally wish it had more flavor; I’d pass on this in the future

Indo's Salmon Curry

Overall the food was delicious and tasty! I’d actually be interested in coming back for dinner and trying some of the other dishes they have. Most importantly, service was spot on the whole time and the food came out quickly and was both hot and delicious.

HAPPY HOUR Recommended!

  • MON – THURS 5:00PM – 8:00PM
  • FRI 3:00PM – 8:00PM
  • SAT 8:00PM – 10:00PM

F8T Tip Come during happy hour and save on your overall meal!

Indo Restaurant


What other South East Asian cuisines do you love?

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