Day After Crab Boil Fried Rice Recipe

by Aug 26, 2013

What are going to do with all that sauce?

I have an idea…

Leftover Crab Boil Juice For Fried Rice tl;dr

Ever go to one of them fancy themed boiling shellfish places? Of course you have and I do all the time but after eating all that food I always feel wasteful with all that leftover sauce… And if you feel as I feel then I know you wondered what you could do with it. Try this.


  • Day old rice
  • Whatever you got that needs eating in your fridge
  • That 5 gallons of left over shellfish boil sauce
  • Pan ( i like using a wok)
  • grapeseed oil / peanut oil or other high smoking point oil


  1. Make sure that whatever you plan to add to the rice for texture and substance like potatoes or mushrooms or sausages bite size.


  1. Heat up that pan really high
  2. Place oil in that pan
  3. Throw everything in there and stir it fast and furious.
  4. Once its cooked through remove from the heat and serve.

F8T Tip

I find that the fried rice when cooked with the sauce comes out hotter/spicier than when I ate at the restaurant.   I like leftovers as much as I can cook it into something else altogether! What do you like to do with leftovers?

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