Rudy’s Bar-B-Q of Austin

by Sep 24, 2014

This place is where?

Literally right of the highway.

Rudy’s “Country Store” and Bar-B-Q tl;dr

  • There was a hiring sign hanging near the kitchen saying they pay $11.00 an hour starting! That’s more than In n Out! No wonder all these workers look so happy!
  • Love the sinks to wash your hands near the eating area so you don’t have to go all the way to the bathroom.
  • Even if you did have to use the restroom, they were large and clean; a big plus!

Close Up of Rudy's BBQ Ribs

Austin’s Tangy Fingerlicking BBQ

Austin is known for their great barbeque, that’s a given. Now where to go to get the BEST barbeque, that’s another story. We’ve heard from so many friends about what’s the best and, of course, the usuals like Franklin’s ,and Salt Lick always come up.

But another one that was highly rated by our own group of friends and Yelp was Rudy’s. Since it was Monday and Franklin’s is closed on Monday, we decided to give Rudy’s a try. Plus it was extra convenient since it was closer to my office and they didn’t have a ridiculously long wait.

Rudy's BBQ Interior with Texas and BBQ Paraphernalia

When you arrive, parking is very accessible so that was not a problem. Heading inside you’ll be greeted by very friendly staff members all willing to help. Make your way through the line and once you get to the counter, some of the perkiest staff members I’ve ever seen will help you with your order.

Something unique that I appreciated was that they asked if you’ve ever been there before. They do something similar to what they do at Japanese restaurants when you walk in and shout a greeting including where you’re from if its your first time. Slightly embarrassing but what the hell, I don’t know anyone in there anyways. They will then proceed to tell you about their meats and then the best part;


I love this because I can tell in a bite whether I want more of it. This was also a great way to try something I know I wouldn’t normally order like the turkey or the creamed corn and perhaps entice me to buy it.

After your samples you’re then given a run down of the store, they pack everything up in a crate for you (after you’ve approved each cut) and then you’re given a nice handful of white bread to complete the order.

An Overhead TV Called Rudy's BBQ "Cutter Cam" Displaying Meat Cutting

In terms of food we got:

  • The Moist Brisket (my absolute favorite- hands down moist, tender and delicious)
  • Jalapeno Sauce (regular sauce with jalapenos inside- wish it was hotter)
  • Half Rack of Ribs (my least favorite- tasted really dry)
  • Beans- It was good, not the best beans I’ve had
  • Potato salad– One of the better ones I’ve had, very flavorful
  • Banana Pudding– Love the huge chunks of banana in it. Got a little too sweet for me at the end but good if shared

Close Up of Rudy's BBQ Brisket

On each table there’s a giant bottle of Rudy’s famous barbeque sauce and cajun hot sauce. Mix those two together and you have a very tasty concoction to dip your meat in. While everyone eats their barbeque differently (the guy at the next table over made a square out of his loafs of bread, carefully put this meat down, sauced it and then cut it according to his liking to make his perfect sandwich), the best part is Rudy’s moist brisket will be delicious no matter what!

Overall from the friendly staff to tasty BBQ I’d definitely recommend this as one of the places you check out if you’re looking for Austin barbeque. Total for lunch for 2 was only $37.

Close Up of Split in Half Lengthwise Rudy's BBQ Sausage

F8T Tip Try the ‘Moist’ Brisket.. not too lean, and not too fatty!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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