Searching for la Barbecue in Austin

by May 13, 2020

Ever hear of la Barbecue?

Yeah, I’ve heard of the BBQ…

la Barbecue tl;dr

  • Found in East Austin
  • Great Tasting Barbecue
  • Lines Can Get Long, You Might Want to Pre-Order

When in the “Weird” city of Austin, you gotta go do what the locals do, or rather eat the BBQ the locals eat. While we had a chance to go to Franklins for some BBQ, we also went to try all the other options inside and outside the city limits.

At the time, la Barbecue was still operating out of their trailer and while hard to believe, the lines were a lot shorter back then compared to what I’ve been hearing now.

line la bbq austin tx

Nadia had told me about this other location called la Barbecue. It was a touch further out, but too far away that we couldn’t walk over there. After finding the lot the trailer was in, we quickly lined up. Fortunately for us, the line wasn’t too long. Actually, we needed a little more time to figure out what to order before getting to the counter.

Nadia gave our order and we went back to our picnic table, waiting to be called. As I sat there, I came to the realization that I much prefer not waiting in long lines. You’ll notice I may comment on the inverse relationship between “long lines” and the “taste” of the food, as in the longer the line, the better the food should be but very rarely does that actually happen.

What SHOULD happen is a direct relationship where the longer the line then the better the food should be. What I’m trying to get at, was that our great experience at la Barbecue was due to short lines and amazing food.

meat 3 la bbq austin tx

That aside, upon hearing my name, I went to pick it up and thought the plate was a simple affair. Then again, what else should it be… Fine China with silverware? What I did end up getting was:

  • Brisket
  • Pulled pork
  • Potato salad
  • White bread
  • Pickles and onions

I couldn’t get it back to the table fast enough. It smelled so good I was salivating all dozen steps to where Nadia was waiting for me… I think she was mostly waiting for the food.

nadia jm 2 la bbq austin tx

It was good and I’ve come to realize that brisket is amazing!

What is It

la Barbecue, argued as some to be Franklin’s rival, one of the many slow cooked ‘cue venues that sling that delicious falling of the bone meat that dot the city. They are firm believers in low n slow method, cooking locally grass fed non hormonal meats up to 16 hours.

I enjoyed their spin on things and really like that the line wasn’t that long. I hope it’s still short line the next time I go back.

What to Do There

la Barbecue is a venue of BBQ. Come to get some sweet, sweet grilled meat here and get your fill.

meat la bbq austin tx

Next Time

The next time I find myself out that way, I’m going to be sure to come back to la Barbecue hungry enough to eat everything on their menu!

grill la bbq austin tx

Where is It

la Barbecue can be found down on East Cesar Chavez Street, a 6 minute drive east of the Austin Convention Center.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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