Working Up the Need for SF Spa Session

by Nov 8, 2017

“Let’s get a massage….”
“I don’t want one.”

SF Spa tl;dr

  • On the Outskirts of Town
  • Surprisingly Quiet Inside
  • Nice and Dark Ambiance

Walk for a Massage

SF Spa is located approximately less than 10 walking minutes from our hotel. Prior to leaving Hanoi for HCMC, we had a couple of hours to kill before getting picked up for our flight, I decided to get a quick massage. One of my favorite activities in Asia is getting massages; I mean if you can get pampered at a relatively inexpensive cost at a beautiful facility then why not.

The SF Spa in Hanoi was exactly what I was looking for. For approximately $10 USD I got a relaxing 30 minute massage which REALLY ended up being a 40 minute neck, back, shoulder massage. Despite being just neck, back, and shoulders, it was done on a full length massage table so it felt like the real total body experience.

SF Spa Interior Hanoi

Change of Scenery

Once we got inside of the space we were welcomed to a tranquil oasis in the heart of Hanoi. It was surprising how quiet it is despite being located on a busy roadway. Walking in you’re greeted and brought to a lovely seating area and served a delicious cup of honey ginger tea and a cold towel to help you relax prior to your treatment.

I wish we had more time before our flight because the treatment room was beautiful. It had two large soaking tubs called “Vietnamese soaking tubs”, similar to a Japanese soaking tub. This private room would have been perfect for a couple’s treatment. With candles everywhere and soft lighting I immediately felt more relaxed.

Better to Have Gotten a Massage Then No Massage At All

The massage itself was just OK. I had asked for medium firm but it felt more like medium soft. I asked for more pressure but it was just a small amount more which wasn’t much of a difference.

Overall I’d definitely go back to this spa, ideally with more time for a couple’s package. I’d also specify more firmness so hopefully the massage is even better. But overall the price point is justified considering how clean and beautiful the interior was. Yes you can get a cheaper massage elsewhere but I knew what I was getting into before and was willing to spend a bit more for a better ambiance.

JM | On a side note, the only person who had a camera was me. And for whatever reason I was really tired and was just drifting in and out of consciousness while Nadia was getting her massage. And that’s why there’s only pictures of my feet and coffee versus that of anything else. My bad.

SF Spa


What’s your favorite massage?!?

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