SF’s Little Dirty Habit

by Nov 26, 2014

Dirty Habit tl;dr

Ever hear of that place called Fifth Floor at the Palomar Hotel?

It’s called the Fifth Floor because it was on the fifth floor of said hotel. I’m told that they served a $25 hamburger. As you could imagine, my interest was piqued. However I keep referring it in the past tense because the Fifth Floor is no longer with us.

Nadia Sitting Down on a Hanging Chair at Dirty Habit

However they have been reworked, revamped, and redid in a way that would still make the old chef happy. Hell, the old chef is still working there. Now it’s called Dirty Habits.

SF Dirty Habit Signage

Let your mind wander with that in your mind the nature of what kind of dirty habits you would like to have or perform or maybe too lazy to drop. Now back to the restaurant… as you would imagine, rather, as I would imagine it’s something of a little Las Vegas posh brought to San Francisco via dark decor, dark leather, dark everything minus the indoor smoking.

And certain accents with the industrial wheels on the hallway couch, along with the stainless steel chains holding up the hallway chaise seemed to go really well with the dark ambiance.

That all opens up to the courtyard that’s walled in by the hotel itself opening up to the crisp SF sky. The water fountains lent a certain amount of gravitas that went well with the lounge chairs, communal tables, and the rest of the patio area. More importantly the well dressed people who eat here bring the sophisticated style full circle, I’m certain as it was intended.

Dirty Habits Burger with Fries

Suffice to say, at the point, I hoped the food, or at least the drinks would match the visual orgy my eyes were privy to. The spiced nuts that came out were worth ordering, going very well with the cocktails that we didn’t stop ordering. Nadia tends to favor the wheat beers while I’m more along the lines of the bourbon based ‘tails kind of guy.

Dirty Habit Steamed Bun with Fried Lamb Belly

The meal came out and we were pleasantly surprised about the hamburger and the pork belly. It didn’t hurt that we were walking in hungry after some Louboutin shopping.

Grant it, I’ll never know whether it even compares to the Fifth Floor’s $25 hamburger but I’ll reassure myself that it was. Too bad California banned duck/goose liver because I know that in my stomach of stomachs that a nice seared lobe of foie would have been a much appreciated addition to the burger, or anything for that matter.

Dirty Habit Spicy Nuts

As for the pork belly steamed bun… it’s definitely good but it’s not ‘I’d come back again for it again’ good. With that being said, I’d be more than happy to come back to check out the rest of the menu. The drinks and the atmosphere were wonderful enough earning a return visit.

  • Spiced Nuts: Prepared with fried garlic and paprika.
  • Thick Cut Fries: Served with a side of harissa aiolli.
  • Steamed Bun with Fried Lamb Belly: NO DESCRIPTION NEEDED!
  • DH Burger: Mixed in with an heirloom tomato, fries and comte.

Dirty Habit Cocktail

F8T Tip  Come dressed or you’ll feel under dressed… if you care about that kind of thing.

Another Dirty Habit Cocktail

Dirty Habit


What are your thoughts on the new place that replaces an older space?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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