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by Oct 21, 2014

Another Japanese spot?

IT’s not just any Japanese spot.

Guu with Garlic tl;dr

This time around I was very fortunate as my other half planned a majority of this trip and I was able to just go along with what he wanted to do and/or had in mind based on everything he researched. Top of his list and one we heard great things about was this restaurant, Guu with Garlic and after our experience there, I’d say it was my favorite restaurant in Vancouver based on everything we ate this trip.

They Even Have Their Own Alcohol – Guuu’d Ale and Guuu’d Wine

FYI for those interested in going there for lunch, it opens slightly later than most restaurants at 11:30 am but its worth the wait. Since we were heading to the aquarium after lunch, we decided to come here first knowing that there were not many food options near the aquarium that wouldn’t be overpriced or as tasty so we had a relaxing morning before coming here for lunch.

Guu with Garlic Dining Room Interior

Inside the restaurant there are wooden tables where you’ll be seated resembling a picnic table in many ways. Once seated the staff will hand you approximately 4 menus (daily lunch special, lunch specials, drinks and I can’t remember the other). Keep in mind that on the wall above the open kitchen area there are also specials written in chalk such as sting ray fin so be sure to review those as well.

Close Up of Guu with Garlic Side Dishes

We started off with a beer, one of their local home made beers which was a pale ale and very delicious! As an appetizer, they also gave us a complimentary seaweed and tuna dish along with pickled radishes (I think, they were purple). In terms of our lunch, we ended up ordering:

Close Up of Guu with Garlic Sashimi Lunch Special

  • Sashimi Lunch Special (all lunch specials came with rice and soup)- Amazingly fresh and delicious. This came with tuna tataki, yellow tail, salmon and scallop- MUST ORDER!

Close Up of Guu with Garlic Grilled Mackerel Lunch Special

  • Grilled Mackerel Lunch Special– Very fresh and clean tasting, just a lot of bones so be careful, also highly recommend!
  • Takoyaki (fried balls with squid)- Delicious

Close Up of Guu with Garlic Fried Pancake

  • Fried Pancake version of the takoyaki also with squid- the ball version was better and would recommend that over the pancake version

While service was a bit hard to understand, you’re there for the food so just order and you’ll be happy!

Guu with Garlic Bottle of Their Very Own Ale and 2 Glasses of Beer
Close Up of Guu with Garlic Bottle of Their Very Own Ale

F8T Tip

  • Highly recommended and try everything!

Guu with Garlic


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