Staying at Lone Pine Hotel Penang

by Jan 2, 2015

Lone Pine Hotel tl;dr

Recently the Lone Pine Hotel Penang was taken over by the E&O Hotel Group, this hotel is a smaller more boutique hotel you can find along the row of many hotels in Batu Ferringhi.

The room itself was fairly spacious with a large bed, updated bathroom with a sliding door that either closes you in the bathroom or in the shower and lots of great amenities provided such as robes, slippers and water.

Balcony Tub at Lone Pine

I loved that there was also an outdoor bathtub you can sit in while on your balcony and a great seating area complete with table and pillows where you can chill and hear the ocean (I’d say watch but there were so many trees covering our view from the 1st floor that we only got glimpses of the ocean.

While it is a modern and updated hotel from appearance, there are definitely a few things they can work on to meet the needs of techy travelers these days, starting with WiFi. Really I don’t think it should be so hard these days and when I can get a better signal from the hotel next door than the one I’m staying in, that’s a total bummer.

Highly Stylized Artistic Map of Penang at Lone Pine

Pros of the Hotel

Bathroom at Lone Pine

  1. Nice and modern
  2. Love the rain shower
  3. Good bath products
  4. Complimentary slippers provided in each room
    1. (a nice touch)
  5. Free included breakfast

Not So Pro of the Hotel

  1. Terrible WiFi
    1. (c’mon is it really that hard these days to have good WiFi and really why do you need so many different networks?!)
  2. pool had leaves/bugs all over
    1. (yes I know there are trees but if so, shouldn’t that mean they just pay more attention to cleaning it?)
  3. slow service
    1. (hello, what does it take to get a drink at the pool?!)
  4. food for buffet breakfast ran out quickly without them replenishing it
    1. (out of ingredients at 9 am?)
  5. loud music from the hotel next door makes it a bit tough to get rest

Noodles Dish Made to Order at Lone Pine

At the End of the Day

Overall with the lack of service it made it hard for it to truly feel like a vacation should, a time of pampering and relaxation. Personally I think based on this experience I would want to try another hotel in the area, after all at least at the Golden Sands (although more crowded) or the Park Royal I’ve never had an issue getting a drink by the pool.

Bedroom at Lone Pine

F8T Tip There’s a wonderful pool and access to the beach.

Lone Pine Hotel


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