Staying at Rosewood’s Waterfall Pool Villa Luang Prabang

by Aug 9, 2019

Do we get our own mini pool?

Right next to the river!

Rosewood’s Waterfall Villa tl;dr

  • Mini Pool
  • Private Space
  • Outdoor Bathtub

There is so much to a destination other that tourist spots, overly Instagrammed eateries, or hotels. I find that every location has multiple facets that unfortunately there’s isn’t ever enough time to see it all, hence most people presenting only what is the best. I know it’s ironic I say that as I’m about to talk about a villa but as with everything, there’s more than one side of the story.

Sometimes there’s many great sides.

Through our travels we try to explore as much of destinations as possible; whether it is staying at different locations within a region or even different rooms at a hotel. As with many things, there’s so much variation in experience to be had by moving over 100 feet. You just never know till you know.

After checking in to the hotel, we walked across the bridge to the accommodation side of the stream(during the dry season, it’s more of wide stream versus a roaring river). The path then can lead you to a one of several areas:

  • Riverside Rooms
  • Riverside Villas
  • Hilltop Tents

The next 2 we stayed at:

  • Riverside Suites
    • 90 sqm / 969 sqf hotel suite on the with plenty of room
  • Waterfall Pool Villa
    • 55 sqm / 592 sqf private space with luxurious outdoor amenities

Nadia JM Kissing Villa Rosewood Luang Prabang 2019

Waterfall Villa Living

As you descend the stairs from the main pathway, you’ll find yourself greeted with a view of the private pool and the river. Getting closer to the bottom you’ll see a short set of steps leading up to your front entrance deck along with outdoor dining area next to the mini fridge beverages, bar and snacks.

Through the french glass door to the side, you’ll find yourself immediately standing between a daybed and your bed. Beyond that is an equally spaced out walkin closet  area consisting of both bathroom, dual vanities and shower. If you go a step further through the shower, you’ll find yourself outside in yet another private outdoor bathtub area.

Staying at the more private bungalow space is a very liberating experience. Walking into a room that doesn’t share a wall with another, while smaller, is still a nice touch without need to concern ourselves with neighbors.

Did I Mention Privacy

Staying at the waterfall villa is a different experience than staying at the riverside villa. First off it’s much smaller, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Then there’s the outdoor amenities which if you really want some peace and quiet away from most of the hotel liveliness fits the bill.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still see other waterfall villa neighbors if they so happen to be outside…

Whereas the riverside villa is highly decorated in a historic type of way, these villas have more of a rustic jungle charm as I would imagine an adventurer would reside in while exploring Luang Prabang. And unlike the sturdiness of being in a bigger building, the villa is a step away from glamping; the metal roof lets you experience all that nature has to offer with very little buffering.

You can imagine that it was a touch noisy during an evening thunderstorm…

Nadia JM Bathtub Villa Rosewood Luang Prabang 2019

Where is It

These waterfall villas are across the river and beyond the riverside rooms and villas, just to the left of where the path forks. If you go uphill, away from the water, you’re headed to the spa facility and the hilltent rooms.

What is It

The waterfall villa shares a lot of the same characteristics you get from staying another room:

  • WiFi
  • Bar Area
  • Daily Free Beer and Water
  • Daily Fresh Local Treats

With that being said, a stay here affords you a few other things:

  • Outdoor patio
  • Exterior private bathtub
  • Did I mention the mini pool?

Living Area Villa Rosewood Luang Prabang 2019

What to Do There

Pretty much the same you did at other spots but this time you can do more of the same but out of earshot but not out of sight of other guests. With the added outside room functions, you can host other people on your patio or keep it all to yourself.

I know I just say there in the tub taking a bath enjoying a cold complimentary bottle of beer. Other times I either sat in the pool and watched whatever the river would flow our way. And other times I simply sat on the patio watching it rain and storm; again enjoying the natural light show with an ice cold beer.

Don’t forget to sleep and wake up in time for breakfast!

Allow yourself to take a breather from the world for as many beers as it takes to get you into the Old World pace of things at the Rosewood Luang Prabang!

Rosewood Luang Prabang


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