Staying at Tugu Malang Hotel

by Apr 13, 2019

This place looks fancy?

It’s a hotel near everything!

Tugu Malang Hotel tl;dr

  • Great Staff and Attention to Detail
  • Unique Museum/Boutique Hotel Decor
  • Pool, Bakery, Restaurants, Spa, Etc

There’s so many places worth visiting in the world. And Asia is full of many natural and manmade wonders that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Volcanoes
  • Animals / Plant Life
  • Coral Reefs
  • Cuisines
  • Culture and People

But you can’t simply hop in your car and drive to the closest natural wonder, at least not all the time. Sometimes you will have to spend a night or 2 away from home to enjoy what the Earth has to offer.

Seeing Mount Bromo in all it’s glory isn’t any different. Nadia booked an amazing trip to another South East Asian location, Malang, Indonesia. Out this way, Mount Bromo, an on again / off again active volcano is home to an amazing sunrise view. And Tugu Malang Hotel is where we will call home during our visit.

Tugu translates to Monument, and the Tugu Malang Hotel, among many others, was created by Anhar Setjadibrata.

Front Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

Where Is It

Tugu Malang Hotel is located off the main roundabout on Jalan Tugu in downtown Malang, Indonesia.

Note Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

What Do They Have For You

What don’t they have? I’ve heard of resort hotels where you never have to leave, but those are typically by the ocean. While our Tugu experience wasn’t all inclusive, due to the exchange rate it felt like it was. Tugu Malang Hotel has it all without leaving their property:

  • Pool
  • Shops
  • Bakery
  • Art Gallery
  • Hotel Tours
  • Restaurants
  • Spa Services
  • Event Halls for Large Groups
  • Wine Bar (Only one in Malang)
  • Excursions
  • And More!

Tugu is quite literally a hotel resort experience!

TV Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

Snacks Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

Bed Tugu Malang Hotel Malang 02

Bathroom Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

Soap Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

Tub Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

JM Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

Getting To Tugu

Visiting Mount Bromo was something Nadia heard about during our travels. She planned our trip and away we went. After a 2.5 hour early morning plane ride from Singapore we were at Juanda International Airport breezing through customs. On the other side, we were greeted with our driver from Tugu Malang Hotel holding a sign with our names on it.

He politely brought our bags to the SUV. It was warm and took a hot second to cool up but the fruits and cold towel helped alleviate any uncomfortableness. 2 hours later we were through the countryside and pulling into the Tugu Malang Hotel driveway.

Checking in was amazing! The staff were very accommodating and addressed many of our needs and concerns before we even thought to ask. They welcomed us with a drink and made us aware of the variety of services that they provided to help us better enjoy our stay.

Because we had only a limited amount of time that day, the things that caught my interest was the pool, onsite restaurants and bakery, and the upcoming daily afternoon teatime. Informing them that we couldn’t make it to breakfast due to our Mount Bromo Sunrise tour, we were generously offered breakfast and coffee to go.

Hallway Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

Not Enough YES

Everything was great! I can’t say enough good things about Tugu Malang Hotel;

  • for a quick weekend to see nature
  • or to explore more of Javanese culture
  • or even to simply just get away from it all

I look forward to coming back here in the future!

Nadia and JM Hallway Tugu Malang Hotel Malang

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