Staying Connected Via WiFi in Japan

by | Jan 2, 2015

WiFI Rental tl;dr

After our first round visit to Tokyo where the apartment we stay came with a portable WiFi, we knew on our return trip to Kyoto, we just had to do it. After all, if we were going to somewhere completely new, the time saved from being able to map things while also having access while sitting for a couple of hours on a train is worth the $10-$12.

Our was  a slightly unique case where we had to rent from Narita but return to Haneda so we ended up having to go with the Telecom company at approximately $2 more a day at $12 versus the initial group we asked which had it at $10.

When we approached the counter we were given 2 options, 1 with an option to call and another was just the WiFi. Since we weren’t planning on making any calls we went with just the portable WiFi. There isn’t a price difference so ultimately what you decide will be up to you.

After doing some paperwork we got our device, passwords and off we went!
Time to explore!

F8T Tip Just make sure that if  you’re flying out of another airport that you can return the device there also.   Any services that you found to be invaluable on a trip?

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