Swimming with Dolphins at Lodge Bali

by Mar 16, 2015

You think we have time to see dolphins?

Yeah we do!

Dolphin Lodge Bali tl;dr

  • Ocean Platform
  • See Dolphins
  • See Rays

What can I say? We’re suckers for animals. Before leaving Bali, we heard about this chance to swim with dolphins. We’ve been to similar excursions around the world and that still didn’t prepare us for what we were about to experience.

Nadia Dolphin Lodge Bali 08

Where Is It

We were picked up from out hotel and brought out to the port somewhere along the southeastern coast of Bali.

Dolphin Lodge Bali

What to Do

Nadia and I waited for the rest of the expected guests to show up, then donned our safety equipment, and learned about what to expect. As it turns out, we go out to the open ocean to a floating platform.  After getting on board the platform we saw dolphins.

The entire time there was kind of a blur. I just stood back and watched dolphins jet here and there, jumping that way and this way. Our guide said a lot of things  about dolphins and their habitats. I’m not sure if I heard him correctly, but I think he said that these were open ocean pens; as in the dolphins come and go as they please. I could have misheard, but I hope that’s what I heard.

Not only were there dolphins, but there were rays as well. While there wasn’t a lot being said about rays, we were welcome to interact with them as well. 

Nadia Dolphin Lodge Bali 03

Nadia Dolphin Lodge Bali 07

Dolphin Lodge Bali 05

JM Dolphin Lodge Bali 03

JM Dolphin Lodge Bali

Nadia Dolphin Lodge Bali 02

Nadia Dolphin Lodge Bali 06

Nadia Dolphin Lodge Bali 09

Nadia Dolphin Lodge Bali 12

Nadia Dolphin Lodge Bali 10

Nadia and JM Dolphin Lodge Bali 04

I Like the Idea of It

Nadia had the best time playing with the dolphins and rays. Going out to the dolphins was a great experience. Being able to get so close to them, touching them, and spending so long nearly the entire time in the water with such playful creatures is something I’ll remember forever.

Similar to the elephant sanctuary, I very much like the experience and the idea of it all. But again, with the same feeling of trepidation, I wonder whether it’s the best thing for the animals. But also like the elephants, what’s the alternative?

Nadia and JM Dolphin Lodge Bali

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