Take a Short Step into Napali Coast and into Kauai’s Past

by Sep 16, 2019

Where does this road go?

Let’s go find out.

Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park tl;dr

  • Long Trails Ahead
  • Ends at Kalalau Beach
  • Get a Permit If You’re Camping
  • Make Sure You Have Enough Time, Supplies and Energy

They say there’s a treasure at the end of the rainbow. Here, on the island of Kauai you’ll find some of the best scenery before, during and especially at the end of the hiking through Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. Along the Na Pali (high cliffs) trail you’ll find so much beauty that it’s hard to contain it in all in the mere span of a blog post. More to the point, in the little that we were able to see in the not nearly enough time that we spent there we can only imagine what would await us at the end of the expected day long hike.

Napali Coast Kauai HI (6)

The day started out as any other day in Hawaii, just trying to find out what we can find out when we stumbled upon the end of the road. Unlike other destinations, I did very little research on the locale this time around hoping to wing it based on my memories of the last time I was here. And as luck would have it, given the nature of the limited parking at the end of the road, we arrived just in time to catch the last parking spot and the opportunity to explore both beach and mountain.

Napali Coast Kauai HI (3)

Nadia led the way to the start of the trail. And not having any supplies, not having a water bottle, not even having a decent pair of hiking shoes we decided to take it easy and see how far we could get before calling it a day.

We made our way up the first set of steep rock steps and took in the views of the beach we left behind. I honestly was already winded by Nadia persisted and I had to maintain my reputation with what little dignity I had left with her hiking circles around me already.

Again Lady Luck shines her bright light on me, after reach the first epic view of the the entire coast, Nadia realized that we were running behind schedule and started to make her way back down, bringing my sloth like body in tow in sweaty appreciation of her new watch and her clockwork appetite.

We had things to EAT!

Napali Coast Kauai HI (16)

What is It

Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park is a rugged park that covers nearly 6,000 acres of isolated land, deep valleys, and tall mountains ranges. Trails going over high cliffs, reaching 4,000 feet above the water, helps isolate the natural state of Kalalau Valley.

Napali Coast Kauai HI (7)

Napali Coast Kauai HI (2)

Where is It

Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park is located at the end of Route 56, Kuhio Highway, in the northwestern part of Kauai.

What to Do There

You can  do a number of things in Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park:

  • Camping
  • Snorkel
  • Swim
  • Fish
  • Hike
  • Boating
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Hunting
  • And More!

Napali Coast Kauai HI (5)

If you have the time and the inclination, go to Na Pali and find a path into the land that time forgot.

Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park


Where’s your favorite hike?

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