Taking a Dip in Barton Springs

by Sep 30, 2014

This would be amazing if it were hotter.

Is that a storm in the distance?

Barton Springs tl;dr

I can’t remember the last time I swam in a natural spring so when I had the opportunity to do so in one of the most famous natural pools, I couldn’t pass it up, rain / thunderstorm or not! Since we were there late in the day (close to 7) after I finished work we pretty much were one of the only people there.

Taking a Dip in Austin Spring

Parking was plentiful however I can only imagine on a hot day this place must be packed! Entry fee is $3 so a fun/affordable thing to do with friends or family. In addition, Barton Springs will be closed for the next few days for some construction work and with the unpredictable weather for that day, I was not surprised to see very few people there.

Nadia Swimming in Austin's Barton Springs Municipal Pool

Walking into the pool area I didn’t expect it to be as long as it was! I can only imagine if you swam up and down once you’d be so tired! There are lifeguards station on both sides every couple of feet so for those that are not the best swimmer, fear not, there are people watching and ready to help. The water itself is said to be 68 degrees year round. When you first dip it, warning, it will be cold, after all it’s an all natural spring!

Be careful as the floor of the pool is mossy so it can be slippery but just submerge yourself quickly and get ready for a refreshing swim. After spending as much time as you want in there, there are gender specific change areas. In the women’s there was an indoor shower, an outdoor open shower and even solar heated showers! There are also individual changing rooms so you can change with some sort of privacy. Definitely worth checking out and seeing what the fun Austin activity is all about.

Nadia Hanging Out in Austin's Barton Springs Municipal Pool

Nadia and JM Standing Next to Austin's Barton Springs Municipal Pool

F8T Tip Check out the site to see what you can bring in so you don’t have to worry about buying stuff there or leaving if you get hungry (though there are stamps so it looks like you can do in/out). Also bring your own towel!

Barton Springs Pool


Ever been to a spring? Ever swim laps in a spring?

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