Taking a Walk on the Wild Side with Elephants

by Aug 12, 2019

What do you feel like doing?

Let’s go take a walk…

Elephants of Chai Lai Orchid tl;dr

  • On the River
  • Elephant Sanctuary
  • Rehabilitation for Women

We should all way some more! Here are some reasons to walk the Chiang Mai countryside! At Chai Lai there are a number of reasons to explore the area a little bit, and those reasons come in the shape of large elephants!

We were fortunate enough to schedule a slow walk through the hillside with these 2 elephants and personal mahouts.

Nadia JM Elephant Walk at Chai Lai Chiang Mai 2019 04

What is It

You can get back into exercise shape by walking with this large pacadermy trainers that go at your pace…. rather they go at their pace and so should you!

Nadia JM Elephant Walk at Chai Lai Chiang Mai 2019 02

Where is It

You’ll be walking the grounds of Chiang Mai’s one and only Chai Lai Orchid! You’ll walk through back of the property through some wooded brush area. Then you’ll head back down to the lobby through a somewhat steep hilly area. There will be plenty of opportunities for both you and your elephants to get into some misadventure.

Afterall, at the end of the day, what do you let the elephant do?

Whatever they want to do!

Nadia Elephant Walk at Chai Lai Chiang Mai 2019

What to Do There

Walk around and simply bask in the majesty that these 4 legged land giants are as they trundle to and fro from hill to hill going about their guided business of always eating. Take a picture if you can, otherwise simply keep out of their way and more or less, they’ll keep out of our way.

Nadia JM Elephant Walk at Chai Lai Chiang Mai 2019 03

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