Taste Testing Saigon San’s Asian Fusion Cuisine

by Apr 16, 2019

Modern food?

Let’s go find out.

Saigon San tl;dr

  • Modern Indo Chinese Street Food
  • Looks Like an Indiana Jones Movie Set
  • Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian, Burmese, and Cambodian Cuisine

You have to eat! It’s one of life’s basic requirements; definitely top 3 of my requirements, just behind breathing, and drinking. Maybe like me, sometimes you get bored of the same food and want some variety. 

Enter Saigon San where you’ll find nearly every Asian street food under the sun in one restaurant. 

Entrance Saigon Son Malang

Where Is It

Toward the back of the Tugu Malang Hotel, through the main hotel area, you’ll take a left where the hallway forks. From there, follow the long colorful  hallway that opens up to a courtyard. There, though what appears to be a circus tent with street lights, you’ll find Saigon San.

Or you could enter from the other side of the hotel from the street.

Nadia and JM Saigon Son Malang 02

Greeting Saigon Son Malang

Menu Saigon Son Malang 02

Menu Saigon Son Malang

What to Order

Unfortunately we ate so much throughout the day, eating meatballs, baked goods and teatime goodies that we were not hungry enough to try everything we wanted to on the menu.

Considering that we were eating at the other property’s Javanese restaurant, we opted to get a few more non local dishes:

  • Pad See Ew | 68,ooo IDR
  • Fish Amok | 68,000 IDR
  • Pandan Rice | 24,000 IDR

Some of the flavors seemed to be lacking the punch we were expecting from having tried it at their point of origin. Perhaps it’s catered to local palates and a touch toned down. At the end of the dinner, which amounted to roughly $12 USD, I’d be willing to come back again to try other dishes.

Menu Saigon Son Malang 02

Menu Saigon Son Malang 02

Menu Saigon Son Malang 02

Decor Saigon Son Malang

Nadia and JM Saigon Son Malang

Next Time?

The next time I find myself here, I’ll come hungry…

And I won’t forget my whip, satchel, and fedora (looking at you Indiana Jones)!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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