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by Sep 9, 2014

Man, the dim sum place is crazy packed…

This place next door is open.

Ming Tasty tl;dr

If I had to describe this restaurant in three words it would be “Cantonese comfort food”. If you’re familiar with the San Jose area, this is a fairly new restaurant located off Lawrence Expressway right next to a popular dim sum restaurant called Hong Kong Saigon Ocean Seafood.

I had heard of this restaurant before from a friends, something about a famous chef who used to cook for Hong Kong celebrities but really never had an opportunity to try it until recently when my parents suggested it.

Vegetables and Tofu at Ming Tasty

Walking into the restaurant it is oddly decorated with Ikea style lamps, some booths on the left hand side and odd shaped tables in the middle. For us, a family of four, the table for four was extremely small and definitely barely enough to hold the 6 dishes we ordered since all the plates were fairly big.

As it is a Cantonese restaurant, most of the wait staff here speaks Cantonese, however, their English here is also fairly good, compared to others where if you didn’t speak Cantonese, it may be a bit difficult to communicate.

Something to note is at this restaurant there are two menus. One is packed with classic Cantonese dishes and the other is more of a drink/fusion appetizer/dessert type dishes. When we had first arrived I simply had grabbed one of the four menus (one of the drink/appetizer/dessert menus) on the table and was actually confused why my parents took us here.

However, a couple of minutes late and after my mom was pointing out dishes I couldn’t see on the menu I was looking at, I realized that there was a completely different menu!

Ming Tasty Chinese BBQ Meats

After actually looking at the right menu, I can definitely say this restaurant has a huge selection of classic Cantonese dishes ranging from dim sum selections to chinese BBQ items and dinner items. For our dinner we ordered the following:

  • Chinese BBQ 3 Item Combo: Roasted pork belly, roast duck and Chinese bbq poark. While all three of these were good, my favorite was the roasted duck. Something I noticed on the menu that we didn’t order was a $68 2 way peking duck dish along with 4 items that you can choose from a list, not too bad!
  • Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish: Steamed with some ginger on top, I wish they fish was better mixed into the pork
  • Spicy Eggplant with Pork: One of my favorite dishes and this was done well
  • Fried Pomfret: Perfectly fried, I wish it actually had more sauce but it was still good
  • Bok Choy with Fried Tofu and Mushrooms: Classic and simple, it was a nice clean dish to eat with the rest of our food
  • Egg Waffle (dessert): Resembling a waffle, this crispy egg waffle dish has a cripsy crust with a nice soft middle

Ming Tasty Hot Pot of Cooked Meat

While the staff is a little hard to get a hold of once the food does come out to do things like refilling your tea, getting chili or even clearing a plate so we could get more space on our table, the food itself makes up for the meh service. In addition, there are some staff members more knowledgeable than others so you can only hope that the one you ask for something knows what they’re doing.

Dinner came to a total of $80 with plenty of leftovers for a full dinner the next day. Overall while its a great Chinese comfort meal there definitely wasn’t anything crazy out of the ordinary being served. Just a tasty meal at Tasty Mings.

Ming Tasty Chinese Fried Fish

Ming Tasty


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