Thai Hidden Gem Lers Ros in the SF Tenderloin

by Oct 6, 2017

“Where are we?” Nadia asks me.
“Don’t worry about it. We’re just heading for a bite to eat before going to the show,” I respond.

Lers Ros tl;dr

  • SF Tenderloin Thai Restaurant
  • Lots of Amazing Menu Items
  • Open Late
  • Multiple Branches

As I walk her past the venue and further into the night clad street she clutches my arm that much harder not knowing where we are going. We don’t have far to go really, literally arriving at Lers Ros a minute after having asked me our destination. She seemed surprised by our destination because I hadn’t told her that I saw this in her list of places to check out. I figured it was somewhere she intended to go and it was next to where we were going so kill 2 birds with 1 stone and all that.

I walk her into this unassuming looking black building in a rougher part of town to another world of smells and sound. The warm pungent aromas assaulting our sense of smell is a welcome change the cold night air. The sound of a bustling kitchen moving to the sound of good old hip hop is definitely something different. We instantly warm to the space and look forward to ordering something tasty.

Lers Ros Thai Fish Cake in San Francisco

The Food

First on the list of things to be brought to our table is an order of Lers Ros fish cake served with a peanut, onion, cucumber dipping sauce/slaw. It was a solid dish that I could literally eat everyday but would probably die after a solid week. Though to be fair, I’m assuming because it’s fish it would be healthier than most pan fried dishes. I still think about the crisp outside with the nice firm fishy inside goodness. It goes so well with the refreshing nut sauce.

The fire spitting, mountain shaped soup bowl (pictured above) tom yum koong does not fail to deliver. This spicy and sour soup with delicious prawns and the right amount herbs and spices. The broth carried the right amount of heat just enough to not drown out any of the ingredients. And despite not handling heat well, I still spooned more and more into my mouth. I’ll probably come to regret it later but well worth it.

San Francisco Lers Ros Thai Crispy Pork Belly Moo Preaw Warn

The last dish pad kra prow moo krob, sweet and sour crispy pork belly with other basil and other stuff… more importantly lets focus back on the crispy pork. The CRISPY PORK BELLY was amazing! I couldn’t get enough but there was only so much in space available after eating the other dishes.  Who doesn’t like crispy, juicy, delicious pork belly?

Next time, I’ll probably just get this and multiple orders of rice… Maybe.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Lers Ros for a bite to eat!

Lers Ros


Where’s your favorite Thai spot?

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