The Capitol That Can Be Seen From Anywhere

by Oct 2, 2014

That’s one big building.

At least we’re not lost.

Texas State Capitol

Even though I’ve only visited our own California State Capitol in Sacramento a grand total of 2 times in my life, I decided to check out Austin State Capital since I had heard it was a beautiful sight to see packed with history and also very conveniently located near downtown.

State Seal of the Republic of Texas on the Floor at the Texas Capitol

The Capital is located in very close proximity to the University of Texas Austin. The grounds itself are pretty large containing many buildings with offices and grassy areas where I saw families having picnics underneath trees. Once you arrive I’d suggest going to the visitor center first.

Quilted Flag on Display at the Texas Capitol

Not only will you appreciate the cold blast of AC in the visitor building, you can walk around and learn more about the history of Texas. There are also friendly information guides ready to help answer any questions you may have.

Statue of Sam Houston Inside the Lobby at the Texas Capitol

Next we headed to the State Capital building itself. We lucked out when we walked in for there was a free public tour happening right when we arrived. It looks like the tours happen every 15 minutes so I’m sure if you wanted to, you can easily join one. With the tour we learned more about the history of the building, the photos on the wall, why the building was built the way it was, the paintings in the building and even got a chance to see the real seats where the Texas Senate and House of Representatives conduct their business.

A Scaled Cross Section Reproduction of the Texas Capitol Dome

The tour guides seem hit or miss, ours was very lackluster while another I saw was funny and interacted a lot more with her guests. Overall it was an interesting place to learn more about Texas history and see a beautiful building. Would I go back? Probably not, once was enough for me.  Plus it was a free activity so why not!

The Tiered and Hollowed Interior of the Dome on Top of the Texas Capitol


Door Hinge Plate Decorated with the Words "Texas Capitol"

Highly Ornate Door Knob Decorated with the Star of Texas

Chandelier Lights in the Shape of the Texas Star at the Capitol Building

A Can in the Red White Blue Colors of Texas with a Message That Says "Don't Mess with Texas"

A Painting of Men at the Texas Capitol Building

Nadia Posing in a Statue Cutout at the Texas Capitol

F8T Tip Take a tour… there’s so much history everywhere!

Capitol of Texas


Have you ever checked out your stat capitol lately?

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