The City Fish of the South Bay

by Oct 1, 2014


You can’t eat meat.

The City Fish tl;dr

It was that time of the year again… Easter. You know that time of the year that, we of the Catholic faith, celebrate the resurrection of Christ by giving up our vices and not eating meat on Fridays. As it so happens I was reminded that very day was indeed Good Friday, and that I was supposed to not eat meat as a good Catholic should… meaning putting away the grilled, meaty, Hawaiian goodness I just bought to go with my several beers.

Easter’s Seafood Fridays

I wish someone had told that to me earlier before I ordered the food. However it should have dawned on me as I had noted that a lot of people were buying the grilled seafood option and were selling out. But that is neither here nor there, overhearing my dilemma, the owner of ISO Beers suggested that we go check out The City Fish for their delicious offerings that he enjoys frequently. I mean, when the owner of the bar that you frequent suggests the deep fried fish down the street, he must know what he’s talking about.

Great Minds Think Alike

Especially considering that I had always wondered about the place in my random downtown evenings. With that being said, I promptly walked down there to do just that and order myself some golden delicious. Apparently everyone else had the same idea… and beat me to it. I just didn’t know that every other Catholic within walking distance had already called in their orders or were already in line for MY golden delicious.

Oh well, it must be good… right? And with that, I waited my turn and waited and waited some more while nearly everyone else in the city walked in and out with MY fish and chips. I was getting nervous that they would sell out. I just kept reminding myself that fish and chip places don’t sell out of fish chips… do they?  As soon as a this family of four left, I sat myself down at a table and took in the mid 1980’s decor  blanketed with the smell of frying. I felt right at home and told myself that I should come back more often; especially on a slower day.

My number was eventually called and became overjoyed at my prospect of eating that golden brown covered fish with creamy tartar sauce. Looking back on life, I’m pretty sure it was during my childhood that I came upon fish and chips, surely a turning point in my life that would cement my love of tartar sauce on my palette. I really like tartar sauce. And I don’t know how anyone could not like tartar sauce with all it has to offer nearly anything that is fried.


Remembering how hungry I was, I tore open my bag wide open to the sight and  smell of fried amazingness. The fish was flaky and tasty and cooked just perfectly and the crust had the right amount of crunch to it. And the fries were equally fried to perfection. It may have been that I was starving that added extra flavor to my order but I didn’t care. It was so damned tasty I devoured it all on the spot.

I eventually regained my senses and made my way back to my beers. On my way out, it found it funny that I saw several other Catholic friends walk in with the exact same hunger in their eyes for some seafood. Funnier still, they were heading back to the same bar that I came from to enjoy their food… maybe I can grab another bite of anything they bring back, as long as it has tartar sauce on it.

F8T Tip Don’t come during Lent because everyone else will be ordering too.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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