The Wonders of Japanese Baby Foot

by Apr 27, 2016

“What is that?”
“I don’t know but let’s find out!”

Baby Foot tl;dr|Too Long, Did Not Read

  • Soak Foot in Gel
  • Rough Skin Peels Off
  • You’re Left with Baby Soft Skin

Soak your feet then put on the plastic sock. Soak your feet in the sock gel for the time described on the box… some are 30 min, some are an hour. Wash your foot and dry them. The next day, soak your foot again and dry them. And then repeat. Over the course of the day skin may peel off in your sock, shoe, etc. And keep repeating till your feet stop peeling. And after a week or 2, your feet should be soft like a baby. My feet remained baby soft for several months and then it was back to being crusty old people foot.

babyfoot review (1)

NTLPR | Not Too Long, Please Read

Japan is a great place to visit with tons of things to do, see, and eat. Not to be outdone, they have some great retail items that you can’t find anywhere else. Like everywhere else, they sell items that can only be found in Japan. Some items that I was really intrigued by were health care products. There was this one item which was an ear pick with an attached camera. Yeah, that’s right, a pick like stick with a camera so you can see all the stuff you want to dig out of your ear. AMAZING! But is neither here nor there since it was much too expensive for my modest budget.

This on the other hand was right up my alley. BABY FOOT! As much as I visit foreign countries, seeing new sights, tasting mind blowing dishes, and doing exciting things unavailable back home, traveling takes it’s toll on the body. And if you’re like us, we like to move around a lot when we travel and nothing takes more damage than our feet; one of us more than the other. I remembered someone mention this to me before we traveled to Tokyo and found that it was at the drug store next to the hotel and it was on sale. WIN WIN!

babyfoot review (6)

Inside this special edition box of Baby Foot: Socks!

babyfoot review (5)

Instructions…. I have no idea!?

Before heading home, we picked up several boxes of the stuff and hoped for the best. Considering that it the instructions were Japanese it was probably for the best we wait to find out the best way to put this to use. It’s a good thing that we waited because instructions can be a little spars and came down to online research based on what worked for other people. We looked high and low and found a particular review on Amazon.

Here’s roughly the instructions we followed to make the most out of this package.


  • Have some wine or a movie lined up because waiting feels like it takes forever.

babyfood gel soak (5)

Nadia’s Foot Inside the Plastic Liner Filled with Fruit Acid

babyfood gel soak (1)

Nadia Putting on the Socks Over the Plastic Liner

babyfoot soak (1)

Nadia Soaking Her Feet the Next Day

Nadia's Feet 2 Days After Using Baby Foot

Day 2 | Nothing

Nadia's Feet 6 Days After Using Baby Foot

Day 6 | A Little Peeling

Nadia's Feet 7 Days After Using Baby Foot

Day 7 | There’s More Peeling

Nadia's Feet 8 Days After Using Baby Foot

Day 8 | There’s a Lot More

Nadia's Feet 10 Days After Using Baby Foot

Day 10 | Seems to be Tapering Off

Nadia's Feet 13 Days After Using Baby Foot

Day 13 | And Done

JM's Foot 4 Days After Using Baby Foot

JM’s Foot Day 4 | A Look at My Peeling

JM's Right Food 6 Days After Using Baby Foot

JM’s Foot Day 6 | And a Little Bit More Peeling

Baby Foot

  • Also Available on Amazon
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