Top 8 Things to Do in Austin

by Jan 30, 2015

1 | Second Bar and KitchenSecond Bar + Kitchen Black and Bleu Pizza

Foie gras everything! Even though California no longer has the foie gras ban, I would definitely get your foie gras fix here. We absolutely loved the black truffle pommes frites with seared foie on top, black and bleu pizza with black truffle, pork belly, dates and extra foie gras added and congress burger with seared foie gras. All were excellent!


2 | Firehouse Lounge

Nadia and JM with Firehouse Cocktails in Hand
Visit our absolute favorite bar for Happy Hour in Austin, Firehouse Lounge. Located inside a hostel and behind the bookcase, the happy hour drinks here are on point, cool atmosphere and fantastic bartenders. We did the HH hour challenge, had a blast and met friendly patrons!


3 | Rudy’s General Market & BBQ

Close Up of Rudy's BBQ Brisket
In my opinion the brisket here was way better than Salt Lick, a very famous barbeque joint featured on TV. Get the fatty brisket, it was my absolute favorite! Our favorite bbq from our Austin Visit!


4 | Barton Springs

Nadia Hanging Out in Austin's Barton Springs Municipal Pool
Take a dip in Barton Springs. A fun and interesting way to cool off from the Austin weather, we enjoyed taking a dip in the pool and watching people swimming/practicing snorkeling in it!


5 | Lone Star River Boats

Lone Star Riverboat Boat
Take a river cruise with Lone Star River Boats. Although we didn’t see bats on our cruise, the cruise does take you on a sunset ride along the river and also gives you the opportunity to see the famous bats under the bridge.


6 | Parkside

Parkside's Shucked Oysters on a Plate of Ice

Parkside for oyster happy hour. Located on the famous 6th street which is filled with bars and restaurants we chose this place for happy hour in order to fulfill my seafood craving. With oysters on the half shell, ceviche, calamari and more it was a good place to satisfy my seafood appetite. Service is hit or miss but worth checking out. ½ off the bar menu for happy hour.


7 | Franks

Nadia and JM Eating Hot Dog Lunch at Frank Restaurant in Austin

Franks for delicious drinks (cocktails and beer- tons of options including local choices), hot dogs of all kinds and dessert including chocolate covered bacon, this was a fun place to hang out.


8 | Metro Bus

Austin Metro Bus Interior

If you’re not planning on renting a car, local transportation via metro bus was a very easy and cheap way to get from the airport to downtown Austin. $1.75 per person (bus #100) and it just took 30 minutes or less.

F8T Tip Try to be sober enough to enjoy your time out. There’s a lot of places to see before the night is out.

Any of these suggestions provided above are things I’d definitely recommend based on first hand experience in Austin. One restaurant we heard about whenever you bring up Austin is Uchi. Although the foie gras nigiri was delicious and different, at the price point, we found the other dishes to be so so. Not worth it considering the level of sushi/fresh fish we have in the Bay Area.


What do you like to do in Austin?



What do you like to do in Austin?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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