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by Oct 24, 2013

Where are we walking to?

It does seem like a long walk, but it’s worth it!

Girl & the Goat tl;dr

When we booked our trip to Chicago a couple of months ago, I knew there was one place I just HAD to go this time around when I was in Chicago and that was The Girl and The Goat. Top Chef being one of my favorite shows, I have heard a lot about Stephanie Izard and her food, namely at this restaurant. So as soon as I had my dates, I jumped on Opentable and made a reservation.

Delicious Meal Was a Long Time Coming

Even 3 months in advance, the only reservation I could secure was at 9:30pm so tip for all those interested in going, book in advance! When we arrived, the staff graciously checked our coats and brought us to the table right by the kitchen- perfect! Having always been interested in how restaurants are run, we felt very fortunate to be able to score a seat with a birds eye view of everything happening in the kitchen and got to chat up the staff while having our meal.

Looking over the Yelp reviews and the menu prior, we had a good idea of what we wanted to order, though since it wasn’t just me eating, I also let my dining companions choose dishes. Below are the dishes we ordered along with my thoughts on the food itself.

Pan Fried Shishito Peppers

Girl and the Goat's Shishito Peppers

Looks spicy! We loved the taste of shishito peppers, it is usually a stable for us at Japanese restaurants. This was nicely fried served with some parmesan, miso and sesame seeds.  A great appetizer to start!

 Roasted Beet Salad

Girl and the Goat's Goat, Roasted Beet Salad

Needed something healthy to start off the night. This tasted so earthy with the perfectly cooked beets and the salad on top. It was beets served with green beans, white anchovy, avocado creme fraiche and bread crumbs. The dressing that was served with the dish really brought everything together.

 Escargot Ravioli

Girl and the Goat's Escargot Ravioli

Snail Pasta! Delicious ravioli stuffed with escargot in a tamarind miso sauce with bacon. Unique and delicious!

Grilled Baby Octopus

Girl and the Goat's Grilled Baby Octopus
                     Tender baby octopus served with guaniciale, favas, radish, pistachios in a lemon vinaigrette.

Braised Meat Ratatouille with Gooseberries 

Girl and the Goat's Braised Meat Ratatouille with Gooseberries

So much food! Since they ran out of one of the specialties we ordered, they comped this on the house and boy was it delicious! This was definitely my favorite dish of the night!

Bone Marrow

Girl and the Goat's Bone Marrow

Drool! Sweet and savory bone marrow. We just couldn’t get enough.

Wood Oven Pig Face with a Fried Egg

Fried Egg on Top of Pork Cheek on a Fancy Sauced Plate

Egg yolk and pork! The meat here from the pig face (one of the best parts of the pig) was so moist! We were told to “get messy” when eating it and just mix everything together which was the right call. The flavors all blended together beautifully and made a standout dish.

Butterscotch Miso Dessert

Girl and the Goat's Lit Candle on Top of a Dessert

Happy Birthday Again! Can’t describe it in any words but JUST ORDER IT! It was simply amazing. It was recommended by one of the girls working in the kitchen and she was right. Amazing!

Girl and the Goat's Another Lit Candle on Top of a Dessert

Happy Birthday Linh!

Another Dessert That I Can’t Remember

If one was good, then two is even better!

Overall we had such a fantastic dining experience we can’t wait to go back to Chicago and try more of the menu!

Girl & the Goat


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