Unexpected Fate in Delfi

by May 10, 2013

Where you going today?

Going to Delfi… Wanna come?

Delfi tl;dr

My sister and I were traveling through the Mediterranean back to California and took a scheduled layover in Athens, Greece. We were able to reconnect with an old friend Sharleen who was studying abroad. As luck would have it, Shar’s class was taking a field trip to Delfi. She asked if we wanted to come along and I being always one up for adventure replied, “Why not?”

Finding Out What I Can Find Out

So we hopped on a bus and off we went. Along the way we stopped by a large chasm spanning bridge. I had to go and check it out regardless of my fear of heights. I almost dropped the camera taking that picture.


Bridge View of the Water Below on the Way to Delphi

During our bus ride to Delphi I came to learn that the world renowned theaters of ancient Greece are actually called theatrons. This whole time I thought they were simply called theaters. The ruins were large and vast. I could only imagine what they looked like at the height of Greek society. Considering that remnants of their ancient technology not only still exists today but presently supplying water to much of Rome is a testament to their ingenuity and scale of city planning. I spent hours getting lost in and around Delfi with nothing more than the sounds of the countryside and my imagination keeping me company.


An Actor Reciting Shakespeare at a Greek Theatron in Delphi

Nothing but countryside sounds that is until I was roused from my reverie at the top of the theatron. A melancholy Shakespeare monologue was easily heard by anyone within the venue. A stirring retelling of British literature not only caught but held tightly my attention so much so that I did not want it to end. I had hoped the gentleman, by the sounds of his voice, would continue on into the night. But unfortunately he had accomplished what he had set out to do and was happy with that. I went down to the base to talk the guy.

As I neared, I overheard him tell another that he was British stage actor who happened to be visiting. He late explained that he was awestruck and was compelled to recite some of his previous work in such a place where performances were common. It was an amazing experience by any Thespian standards, much less my own, present day or ancient.


Cloudy Day in the Greek Countryside of Delphi



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