The Ups and Downs of Staying at the Crowne Plaza Bandung

by Jan 19, 2018

“Why are we moving to the Crowne Plaza tomorrow morning?”
“It’s walking distance to more outlet shopping.”

Crowne Plaza Bandung tl;dr

  • The Indonesian President is a guest
  • Great food offerings for those with loyalty points
  • Be wary of loud music during the weekends

One of the main inspirations to visit Bandung in December was that it was on the Q4 IHG Winter Points Breaks hotel list.

The IHG Points Breaks List

For those of you unfamiliar with the Points Breaks list: 

  • IHG comes out with a list of hotels each quarter where you can book rooms for as 5,000 point per night
    • (normal rates can range anywhere from 15,000-25,000 per night)
  • Each quarter the hotels and locations change
    • ALWAYS be on the lookout for new hotels so that when the list is released you can book.
  • Each hotel appears to only have a limit of bookings
    • For the good ones, they tend to go fast, so book yours FASTER
  • More details on IHG Points Breaks can be found here.

Overall we found this hotel to be over average but under excellent.

Lounge Area at the Crowne Plaza in Bandung Indonesia

The Positives of this hotel include

  • The amazing room
    • To be fair, we were upgraded due to my Platinum Ambassador status with IHG to a suite like room with a couch
  • We loved just how spacious the room
    • Huge closet
    • Luxurious bathroom with amazing tub
    • Comfortable bed.
  • Also included was access to the Executive Lounge
    • Breakfast
    • Cocktail hour

We definitely had our fair share of Bintang beer…

The Not So Positives

What we weren’t thrilled about with this hotel was a few things:

  • The noise on Saturday night from outside
    • It literally FELT like a club right outside our window with heart pumping beats going on way past 3am
    • It was so bad we had to be asked to move to a quieter room.

Which the night team did quite quickly and efficiently, within 15 minutes…

  • After moving they had the call to prayer which we heard quite loudly from the room

Luckily after that, it became quieter and we were able to fall asleep.

  • Slow service for breakfast at the Executive Lounge the first day we had breakfast there
    1. Absolutely horrendously slow service during the first breakfast service
      1. As part of breakfast you can request them to cook some eggs.
    2. We had ordered a fried egg and an omelette but…
    3. After 25+ minutes we had to cancel our order so we can make it down to our driver on time

Really, does it take that long to cook eggs?

North View at the Crowne Plaza in Bnadung Indonesia

All in All

Minus those two very noticeable flaws, we had a great stay at the Crowne Plaza. The staff, SHOUT OUT to Julius who was always so helpful and welcoming. Also, the hotel was centrally located and walking distance to the main street called Braga Street.

As an added quirk, apparently the Indonesian President also chooses to stay there so it must be good!

Overall, great option when in Bandung.

Crown Plaza Bandung


When was the last time you spend the night in the same building as a President!?!?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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