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by Feb 27, 2015

Riding the Bay on the Indochina Junk Dragon Pearl II

After doing a lot of research on the various cruise options offered in Halong Bay, from reading multiple threads on various sites and reviews on my top 3 choices have finally made a decision. The Dragon Pearl, a ship in the Indochina Junk fleet of boats that cruise Bai Tu Long Bay, a bay simply located North East of the popular Halong however fewer tourists and  boats and pollution.

One may ask…

  1. What made you decide on the Dragon Pearl?
  2. Especially with so many options available?

For us, 2 reasons:

  1. The cave dinner on the 2nd night
    1. (no other boat I saw offered that)
    2. I hear that it isn’t available anymore…
  2. We will cruise Bai Tu Long Bay which offers a much quieter, more serene option.

We booked directly with Indochina themselves and I’d say if you want to do it that way, you should. They are extremely friendly over email and quick to respond. The following is our experience on our 3 day 2 night journey on board the Dragon Pearl 2. All in all, Bai Tu Long Bay is spectacular and a must see.

Loungers on the Sun Deck of the Indochina Junk

If you have the opportunity to go during the spring/summer months where it tends to be sunnier and warmer weather, do it, that way you can truly enjoy everything this area has to offer outside. If you do come in the winter like us, pack jackets, pants and more. This allows you to spend more time outside and truly enjoy the area despite the cold brisk winds.

For the record, we just want to say that we were offered a discount for the cruise in exchange for a honest review on our site.

Outdoor Dining Tables on the Sun Deck of the Indochina Junk

Couple of reasons why we loved the trip on board the Dragon Pearl

  • Food was amazingly delicious
    • especially their lunch
    • packed with fresh seafood, my favorite
  • The company tries to be environmentally friendly
    • Asking us to help pick up any trash we see in the bay while kayaking
      • though there really wasn’t much
    • Being conscious about water bottle usage

Interior Dining and the Bar and Bartender of the Indochina Junk

F8T Tip

  • While you can pay cash for the remainder while you’re there, a deposit is required via credit card and a small % fee is added
    • (something which we came to learn, is pretty standard across Vietnam should you want to use credit card, even at hotels)
  • For those that like to snack as often as I do…
    • bring a snack, the journey is long and you’ll definitely need something to eat
      • especially since breakfast was so early in the morning.

String of Kayaks Trailing Behind the Indochina Junk


Disclosure | We received a discount for a forthcoming and truthful review

Bai Tu Long Bay

Indochina Junk


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