Visiting the Beautiful Kauai Shores of Ke’e Beach

by Oct 9, 2019

Is it all hiking over there?

No, there’s a beach too!

Ke’e Beach tl;dr

  • End of the Road, Literally
  • Limited Parking So Make Reservations or Take the Shuttle
  • It’s Nice Beach

Hawaii is in no shortage of beautiful beaches and Kauai’s North Shore is no exception. And if you’ve been keeping up with our haphazardly published posts, you’ll find that we visit a lot of beaches.

Nadia and I had gotten back from hiking a little bit up the Napali Coast Trail and wanted to check out the beaches we saw from the high vantage point. I trekked through the trees lost till I decided to just aim for the sound of the water.

Kee Beach Kauai (12)

Once we found ourselves on the actual beach, we wandered till we found our own little patch of sandy paradise. Of course we took a lot of pictures but for the most part, we simply sat in the sand and listened to the waves crashing on the shore and watching the birds fly above, people going about their business as the sun slowly drifted overhead.

If you’re like Nadia, you’ll find it immensely peaceful and relaxing. If you’re more like me, I struggled a little bit in finding my inner peace to appreciate the natural beauty of it all. My attention eventually focused on this one guy standing just off shore in the surf break casting out a net for what I imagine would be his meal later that day.

Kee Beach Kauai (1)

What is It

Ke’e Beach is a quiet place where despite it’s serene surroundings is a staging point for plenty of activities:

  • Fishing
  • Running
  • Sunbathing
  • Snorkeling
  • Go of to the Kalalau Trail
  • Go see the nearby Blue Cave

You can do plenty of things but all Nadia and I did was walk along the beach and take in the rays. And honestly, that’s all I wanted to do… But I did hear that the snorkeling is pretty nice.

Kee Beach Kauai (2)

Keep in mind parking is limited and there’s a reservation system. I heard that there are shuttles available to help you still get there.

Where is It

Out there along the water before Kalalau Trail and the rest of the other beaches, you’ll find yet another beach to take your breath away. Ke’e Beach is literally at the end of the road into northern Kauai. Just beyond the lifeguard’s station you’ll find yourself on the beach.

Kee Beach Kauai (6)

Don’t be like us, bring all your gear so you’re prepared to do anything when the situation presents itself!

Ke’e Beach


What’s your favorite beach activity?

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