Visiting the Kyoto Golden Pavilion

by Jan 2, 2015

This was probably one of the most stunning temples I’ve ever seen live. Featured in plenty of informational brochures or ads about Kyoto and Tokyo? I’m not sure what exactly it is that draws me to this one versus the many temples I’ve visited over time.

Kinkaku-ji tl;dr

Perhaps its how majestic the Golden Palace looks in the water or maybe its the contrast of the backdrop containing perfectly positioned trees/shrubs all done with Japanese simplicity against the ornate template.

Whatever the case, I was so amazed by the beauty, I couldn’t get it out of my mind and made my BFF walk back to the front and we did a second visit.

The Seat of Buddha

Kyoto Golden Pavilion Next to a Still Pond

There are pictures of what the area looks like during other seasons of the year. There’s a shrine out back passed the other lake and waterfall. There’s a number of people who were paying their respects at the shrine; clapping, bowing, lighting incense and ringing the bell. My BFF tried his best to mimic the proper signs or respect however I’m not so sure he got it down just right. I think he just enjoyed ringing the bell.

One note for this place, once you leave the Golden temple area and start walking down the path, there is no going back, you’ll eventually just walk towards the exit. So get all your pictures in until you’re satisfied and then move.

  • Entrance fee: 400 yen per person

One Kyoto Golden Pavilion Gate

JM Ringing a Bell Kyoto Golden Pavilion Nadia Sitting Down at Kyoto Golden Pavilion

One of the Kyoto Golden Pavilion Buildings

A Small Waterfall at the Kyoto Golden Pavilion

A Stone Pillar on a Small Island in a Pond at the Kyoto Golden Pavilion

F8T Tip They only accept cash, so bring enough yen; 4000 yen entrance fee (2014).

Nadia and JM at the Kyoto Golden Pavilion

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