Visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary of Bali

by Mar 28, 2015

Should we go get some bananas for the monkeys?


Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary tl;dr

  • LOTS of Monkeys
  • Large Forest Monkey Sanctuary South of Central Ubud
  • Don’t Feed the Monkeys, You’ll Thank Me Later

I don’t know how you feel about monkeys but I love all animals… From a distance. Some of them I like more and some I like less, it’s more of a hit or miss; your mileage may vary. Luckily for us, Nadia booked our stay at the nearby Tegal Sari Hotel which was only short walk away.

There’s a small worthwhile entrance fee which you should probably feel good that is offset by not buying fruits for the monkeys.

Unless you want to be one of the tourists that I will stand back and watch get swarmed by monkeys.

During our time there, it wasn’t uncommon to see a monkey running away with a banana, a fruit, someone’s food… I even saw a bag of fruit get stolen from a tourist.

Don’t be that tourist!


Ok, with everything else being said, you got to BE careful. They are monkeys! They aren’t domesticated pets, they aren’t your friends, BUT they are cute and mischievous and will strip you down if they can.

  • Don’t wear shiny things
  • Don’t wear bright things
  • Don’t bring things you don’t want to lose
  • Don’t bring food, unless you want to get attacked
  • Don’t leave your bags open, look above
  • Don’t go after them because they can bite / scratch you

hanging Monkey Forest Bali

Where Is It

I’m not sure if it was the official route, but we found a rear entrance which let us out on the street immediately leading to the the entrance to the Monkey Forest. Be sure to set aside

What to Do

What do you do here? What you would do anywhere else…

  1. Walk around
  2. Take photos
  3. Take in the sights
  4. Watch Monkeys!
  5. But DON’T Touch the Monkeys

eating Monkey Forest Bali 03

Coconut Monkey Forest Bali

Canopy Monkey Forest Bali

Water Monkey Forest Bali

Unamused Monkey Forest Bali

Thinking Monkey Forest Bali

Statue Monkey Forest Bali

water Monkey Forest Bali 02

Statue Monkey Forest Bali 045

Temple Monkey Forest Bali

statue Monkey Forest Bali 04

Temple Monkey Forest Bali 02

Statue Monkey Forest Bali 02

Open Area Monkey Forest Bali

stairs Monkey Forest Bali

Seeing Double Monkey Forest Bali

Scratching Monkey Forest Bali

Koi Monkey Forest Bali

jm Monkey Forest Bali

Nadia and JM Monkey Forest Bali

Im Eating Monkey Forest Bali

Deer Monkey Forest Bali

Im Eating Monkey Forest Bali 02

Group Monkey Forest Bali

Flower Monkey Forest Bali

I’m a Monkey’s Uncle

The Monkey Forest was a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of touristy Bali. We easily spent a few hours there just wasting away the afternoon exploring the forest’s shrines and temples while dodging curiously hungry monkeys.

Despite my aversion to monkey love, I quickly grew fond of the various monkeys that I came across. I don’t want to hijack this post with baby photos so click here for more baby photos.

Baby Monkey Forest Bali 05

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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