Waking Up In a Tegal Sari Rice Paddy in Bali

by Apr 22, 2014

I love the calm serenity of the rice paddy!

Then you’re in for a real treat.

Tegal Sari tl;dr

Having never been to Bali before, I like to do a lot of research beforehand about where I’m going. The different areas where I can stay and of course where people are staying. One of my favorite places to look up some travel advice from fellow wanderlusters is Tripadvisor.

Immediately after entering the Bali hotel page, I was drawn to the fantastic reviews that were about this hotel in Ubud called Tegal Sari. For me when I’m looking for a place to stay, I usually like to stay somewhere affordable and conveniently located. After reading the reviews, Tegal Sari seemed to fit the bill providing the most value, centrally located to everything and great customer service.

Truly Living in a Jungle Paradise

After visiting the website, you can tell it’s not something they’ve invested a lot of time into designing which also leads to their antiquated booking system. I ended up sending them an email with a request about the type of room I wanted and the dates approximately a year before my actual trip. Good thing I did for they were almost sold out for that time frame! After what felt like weeks of waiting, they finally responded with details on what they had available.

The Wooden rooms (which I initially requested) were not available since it is their most popular room. I believe they only have 2 of them; however, they had a deluxe that I could get. Sure enough, after looking through the pictures and reading the reviews on the deluxe I decided to go for it.

My biggest irk about the reservation system is that they want you to confirm your reservation by filling out the paperwork and FAXING them. Yes you read that right, faxing a copy to them which includes your a copy of your passport!

Sounds a little scary right?

But once you get over that, you can rest easy that you’ve secured one of their high demand, limited in quantity rooms.

A Shrine at Tegal Sari Accommodation in Bali Our Bed at Tegal Sari Accommodation in Bali

When we arrived in Bali, we had prearranged transportation so we were picked up by a friendly face holding a sign with our name on it to head straight to our hotel. Be warned the trip to the hotel from the airport took a good hour and a half so get ready to be sitting for a while because of traffic congestion. However, our driver was a kind gentleman who told us a little about the history of Bali and also some of the sights as we passed them by.

Arriving at the hotel, you walk through a tiny path over a pond and up the stairs to get to the outdoor lobby. Since we arrived pretty late, around 9pm or so, there was limited staff working. However, they were polite and gave us the run down then walked us to our room. After showing us how to work the door, we received our welcome drinks and had a chance to finally relax.

The room itself was nice and perfect for our needs. For approximately $50 a night, one really can’t complain! It had a separate shower/bathtub and the toilet had it’s own little room. My only wish was that the AC got colder especially since Bali was soooo humid!

Our Breakfast Served to Our Suite at Tegal Sari Accommodation in Bali

Waking up the next morning, the view outside our room was exactly as I pictured it in my head when I think of Bali. Directly outside was the rice paddies and just gorgeous plants. Also on the left side of the room, there was the amazingly refreshing pool! The night before we had placed an order for dinner which I’m so glad we did. For approximately $3 or $4 we got an amazing Balinese breakfast with juice (you got to pick what kind), coffee/tea, fruits and a main entree.

Other amenities of the hotel include gym type facilities (this place doesn’t exactly have a real one but there is a tiny workout area near the pool with some weights), massages you can schedule and free pick up/drop offs to and from town.

Overall we had a fantastic stay, I just wish I had an opportunity to use the pool but in terms of location (right by Monkey Forest) and price, it can’t be beat!

The Pool at Tegal Sari Accommodation in Bali

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