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by Sep 9, 2014

Don’t you know that girl?

Yeah, she went to school with my sister.

Yuki Sushi tl;dr

One of my favorite sushi restaurants that I go to with my other half is the Yuki Sushi off Pruneridge. We’ve been going there since we started dating and always love the fresh huge cuts of sashimi and the ultra fresh nigiri including an awesome homemade tamago.

However, this Yuki is a pretty different restaurant as it doesn’t have as much of a focus on the Japanese comfort food but instead its focus is on more on the the more ingredient heavy sushi rolls.

For dinner we ended up going with:

  • Yosenabe: Shrimp, scallop, asari clams, vegetables, harsuame, fish cake and tofu. Served with soup, salad, and rice.

    • However in reality we didn’t get a separate soup, only a salad and no rice. Instead there were clear noodles in the pot. In addition there was no fish cake :(

  • Shark’s Roll: Spicy hamachi, unagi, avocado, cucumber and garlic topped with hamachi, tobiko, green onions with sweet and spicy sauces on side

    • This was OK though I didn’t really taste the garlic

  • Fresh Salmon and Avocado Roll: Just as the name says, salmon and avocado

Close Up of Yuki Sushi Rolls Shark’s Roll and Fresh Salmon and Avocado Roll

While the food was solid, there wasn’t anything that really blew me away and it was irritating that the yosenabe didn’t actually come with a separate soup (but perhaps it wasn’t the intention and it was just the soup that the seafood was in?), no rice and no fish cake which is one of my favorite things.

Also, when calling the day before to make a reservation, the guy literally put me on hold for quite a while, didn’t get the day right, I had to ask him again to make sure he got it right.

AND when I called the next day to change the time to half an hour later, once again he made me hold for a while making it seem like it was really hard to get a reservation there when in reality, the restaurant wasn’t even that full especially because it was a Monday! Not the best phone customer service experience.

F8T Tip

  • Happy hour is Monday-Friday: 5:00pm-6:30pm and Saturday: 11:30am-4:00pm with 10% off all sushi rolls and awesome deals on appetizers/drinks but more importantly, if you get a pitcher of beer (kirin or sapporo) for $15, you’ll get a free large sake for free.
  • Order that and you’ll be ready for some sake bombs!

Yuki Sushi


What are your thoughts about sushi with or without sake?

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