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You Never Have to Leave the Intercontinental Da Nang

“What are we doing today?” “A whole lot of nothing…” InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort TL;DR Nothing Else Out That Way Great WiFi, Amenities, and Staff Everywhere Amazing Status Privileges It’s that time of the year again where we fulfill one of Nadia’s many life goals and celebrate her birthday! Yay! Just as important, there was a great deal on a flight to Da Nang which prompted this destination choice. And this time we went to a little out of the way spot called InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort. As apart of our exploration of South East Asia,...

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Looking for That Cat Moc Spa Massage

“Is it massage time?” “Hell yeah it’s massage Time!” Cat Moc Spa TL;DR Great Price Great Service Might Be Hard to Find, at least it was for me One of the nice things of visiting Southeast Asia other than the food, people, and warmer climate are the spa bargains that are to be had. Grant it, these are bargains thanks to the favorable exchange rate, and thanks to that it is something Nadia looks for. Here in Saigon, like our times in Taipei, Penang, and elsewhere, is no different; another opportunity for us to be squeezed, pressed, oiled and...

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Feasting in Back Alley Seafood at Quan Oc Co Sang

“Where are we going?” “To the best back alley seafood place you’ve ever been!” Quan Oc Co Sang TL;DR Found in the Alley You’ll Probably Want to Go With Someone Speak Vietnamese Get Everything! Unless you have a peanut allergy As a part of our stay in Ho Chi Minh City, otherwise known as Saigon, Nadia had booked us a tour. And the wonderful Van from Saigon Hotpot Tours came out and showed all around town, the places she likes to visit, the places she likes to eat and everything in between. Essentially she showed us her Saigon and...

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Food and Scooters Through Saigon with XO Tours

“Are you ready to ride with XO Tours?” “I don’t think anyone is ever ready to be picked up by a girl on a scooter to eat…” XO Tours TL;DR Ao Dai Clad Girls on Scooters Learn a lot about both Vietnamese food and culture EAT and DRINK as Much as You Want Nadia is always on the lookout for something new, something different, and something tasty. And here in Saigon, it is another new place, another opportunity to learn about Vietnam, and eat another bowl of bun bo hue. When looking for something different to do, Nadia found...

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Back Again at the Magnificent Conrad Maldives

“Are you packed and ready go back?” “Of course I am. I’m ready and willing! Can’t wait to go!” Conrad Maldives TL;DR Return Visit to the Hilton Maldives Resort Spacious Islands and Wonderful Staff Snorkeling at Their House Coral Reef Hotel Status Gets You a Lot of Perks Great Breakfast Great Happy Hour Great Brunch Time really flies when you’re having fun…. and just crazy busy with living life: About a year ago we got married Then went on our honeymoon Moved to Singapore Now we’re back again! 42 Photos of the Conrad We loved this place so much...

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Thai Hidden Gem Lers Ros in the SF Tenderloin

“Where are we?” Nadia asks me. “Don’t worry about it. We’re just heading for a bite to eat before going to the show,” I respond. Lers Ros TL;DR SF Tenderloin Thai Restaurant Lots of Amazing Menu Items Open Late Multiple Branches As I walk her past the venue and further into the night clad street she clutches my arm that much harder not knowing where we are going. We don’t have far to go really, literally arriving at Lers Ros a minute after having asked me our destination. She seemed surprised by our destination because I hadn’t told her...

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Pilipino Cuisine Crash Course at Isla Restaurant

My wife, Nadia and fly out of San Francisco Airport… again. And my parents, drive us all the way up to the airport to see us off…. again. As usual, we eat something before we go as apart of our goodbye rituals… again. Isla Restaurant TL;DR Pilipino Restaurant Near San Francisco Airport Known for Insanely Large Woven Basket Party Platters My parents, Joey and Dolly, always ask Nadia and I where we would like to eat. Knowing her so well, I defer to Nadia’s preferences already agreeing with her predetermined choices. Since we don’t typically eat out for Pilipino cuisine...

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8 Reasons to Make Your Own Conrad Maldives Honeymoon Memories

Honeymoons are those mythical beasts that you chase after grinding through a hectic wedding schedule. At least it was for us. Weddings are a huge, HUGE undertaking… Again, at least it was for us. It didn’t have to be, but Nadia and I went all out for each other and our families. Which leads me back to our Honeymoon. It’s that much sought after milestone, that mercurial post event, that matrimonial Gold Medal  that we looked forward to that would make a crazy year of DIY wedding planning and execution worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, getting married to your best friend...

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