F8T Thoughts on Hanoi and Saigon

by | Mar 20, 2015

  • Honking is everywhere, no matter what time of the day it is or where you are
    • expect to hear honking from everyone.
  • It doesn’t matter what size vehicle you drive or the size of the road
    • everything will try to pass you
      • Big buses
      • mini buses
      • vans
      • cars
      • motorcycles
      • scooters
      • bicycles
      • fast moving elderly
    • They will all try to get ahead if you give them the room.
  • Although English is spoken, listen carefully!
    • sometimes it may be hard to understand
    • but they will definitely repeat it for you so if you didn’t understand it the first time
      • just kindly ask them to say it again
  • The Capitol of Vietnam, Hanoi, located in the North seems more like a small town
  • Ho Chi Minh City otherwise known as HCMC, or Saigon, located in the South that has the look and feel of a big city
  • Look down each and every side of the street when you decide to cross the road
    • bikes go in all directions at all times
      • and even ride on the sidewalk
  • When it comes to food, be prepared to try anything that looks to be delicious
    • and you may just have a new outlook on Vietnamese cuisine
  • We have heard this a lot; “I eat and eat, but I never gain any weight.”
  • When it comes to food, there are peanuts in some way, shape, or form served with their dishes!
    • Be careful if you HAVE a peanut allergy
  • People in general have been very down to Earth and accommodating everywhere we went.
  • It gets cold in Hanoi.
    • Who knew?


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